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  • Steps to create YouTube playlists without logging

    Are you looking for any method or tricks to create YouTube playlists without logging? Follow the question to know more about it.

    I know how to build playlists in YouTube by connecting my YouTube channel and also by my Google account. I want to know the trick by which I do not need to logging in my Youtube or Google account. Please explain me if it is possible. You can say I need to create YouTube playlists.
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  • It just needs tweaking your URL a little and you are all set to go with your playlist.
    Here is how you can do it -

    1. Choose your videos. The video URL will look like Video1 is the video ID of the file on YouTube.

    2. Create a custom URL as below,video2,video3

    3. Done! Share this URL with your friends and on your social media profiles.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • It is very easy create video playlist in Youtube without logging. The trick is that, you have to create the link of your playlist manually. Here are the steps to do so.

    1. The default structure of the link of a Youtube video looks like this Here, video1 is the unique ID of the video.

    2. Lets assume you have to create playlist of these three video :

    3. To do so, firstly, copy the unique ID part from the above 3 videos. Then create a new link in this form -,video2,video3

    4. That's all. Now you can share this YouTube playlist link anywhere.

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