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  • How to set fake location on Google Chrome

    Want to know how to create or set fake location on Google Chrome? Follow the tips given by our experts to get rid of the problem.

    Is it possible to set fake location in Google Chrome. I want to know how to make it possible to set fake location in Google Chrome. I need some information about a place from a website. But that website demands access to my location. I want to show fake location so that website so I get information as I need from that website.
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  • Here is a brief description of how to fake your location -

    1. When a location aware website asks for your permission to access your location, press Ctrl+Shift+I .This takes you to Chrome developer Tools .

    2. Press ESC to open Console .

    3. Select Sensors in the Emulation tab.

    4. Check Emulate Geolocation Coordinates and enter the latitude and longitude of the location you desire. You can find the values for the location of your interest by googling for it.

    5. Now refresh the Web page with Developers Tools still visible. The Web page should now show the location you wished! In other words, you have faked your location.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • You can set fake location on google chrome is easily by adding some extension to the google chrome.
    These are the few extensions by which you can set a fake loaction location in chrome.
    1.Holla Better Internet.
    2.Geo Proxy.
    3.Zenamte Security.
    Or you may use TOR web browser it automatically sets fake location in the browser.

  • Here are the steps to set fake locations in Google Chrome browser.

    1. Open Google Chrome and press Ctrl+Shift+I to open Chrome Developer Tools.

    2. Then, press Esc button to open Console Window.

    3. Now open Emulation tab and select Sensors option.

    3. There, you will see "Emulate Geolocation Coordinates" settings. Here, you need to enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of a different place that yours.

    4. That's all. Now refresh the current window of Chrome browser to start using fake location.

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