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  • Steps to create Apple ID without using a Credit Card

    Want to know how to create UK or US based Apple ID without using a credit card or Paypal information? Follow this questions and get your question answered from Techulator experts.

    Is it possible to create UK or US based Apple ID without using a Credit Card or Paypal account information. One of my friend need to download Google Earth on iPad. It is available free on iTunes but need UK or US based Apple ID. Please guide with trick.
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  • You can try below mentioned trick to try to create an Apple ID without using Credit card -

    1. Open your iTunes account and log out of any existing account.

    2. Scroll down and select the country for which you want to create Apple ID.

    3. Select a free app to download, you will be asked to sign up to your Apple ID.

    4. Crick on Create New Apple ID .

    5. Make sure you are not using an Email ID that has been used previously. If needed, create a new email ID before beginning this procedure.

    6. Fill out your details and proceed to payments page. Select None in the credit cards list.

    7. Complete registration as you would normally do. Make sure you are entering a fake address.

    Done! Your new Apple ID should be up and ready.

    Note- If you are not allowed to select "None" in credit card list, try the same procedure by changing the date of birth to something that will make you younger than 18 years.

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  • I am here to help you to create an Apple ID without using a credit card. I have two steps to do so and I am going to list out the easy one from them. Make sure to follow each and every step very and very carefully so as to achieve success. Go through the details given below to know that method:-

    Creating an Apple ID without credit card by using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

    1. To proceed to the steps you must make sure that you are not already signed in with an Apple ID. Because to select "Noe" as the payment method you will need to ensure so. If you are signed in with an ID then you can sign out it from the given steps:-

    • Go to the settings
    • Tap om to the "iTunes & App Store"
    • Now all you need to do is to tap on your Apple ID which is signed in
    • An the final step is to tag the Sign Out option

    2. Now you need to open the App store, iBooks store or iTunes store on your device. Because in order to make or get a free Apple ID which can download free applications and music you will have to create or make an account through one of these stores.

    3. The third step is to find a free piece of content to download on your device. Because to make an account you need to download something free from your store. It might be a free application, free eBook or a free song, it can be anything the thing which matter here is to download something.

    4. Now you need to tap "GET" when you had found the free item which you want to be downloaded from the store. Tap the button again so as to initiate the download.

    5. This the important step to do. Tap on the "Create New Apple ID" option. Then you will be asked to fill the option from the country you are from. So select your country and then tap the done option. You will also be asked to read an agreement to the Terms & Conditions.

    6. Now enter the E-mail address which will be linked to your iTunes account on your device. And it will also be required when you will need to verify your account or if you lose your password to unlock your device. You will also be asked to create some security questions like your birth date.

    7. This is the most important step of the procedure. Now after filling the details for your account you will be asked to select the payment option or information. In this you need to scroll to the bottom of the list available and then select the option to "None". You can only select "None" if you are not already signed with an Apple ID and if you have Family Sharing enabled and you are a family organizer.

    8. Now enter the rest of the required information. Even if you select None as the payment option, you are still asked or required to enter your address and mobile number. But these will not be verified until you add a credit card as the payment option.

    9. This is the last step to the procedure. Tap to the Done option and then verify your account. Then an E-mail will be sent to the given Email address. Now open your Email address and then tap to the link given so as to activate your account. Now the App store will open automatically and you will be required or asked to sign in with your new Apple ID. Once you sign in with your new Apple ID, you will be able to download any free song and any free application.

    These were the easiest step to your question from my side.


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