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  • Suggest some free apps and games to learn touch typing

    Want to learn tough typing quickly? Find out from this Ask Expert page which are the free apps and games available to learn touch typing.

    Presently touch screen devices are flooding the market and manual typing button devices are disappearing. Touch typing skill is very important in future as now most of the devices are coming with this feature. Please give information about some free app and games which helps in learning touch typing.
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  • There are a few apps and games that help you learn touch typing easily -

    1. Typeracer

    This is online games that helps you improve your touch typing speed. You can compete with other real people in this game which simulates racing, hence the name. You are given some text to type and you need to type it fast to make your "car" reach the finishing point faster. The game has a share option to social media.
    To try it, go to

    2. Keybr
    This is another typing tool that helps you speed up your touch typing. It also helps you learn to type without looking at the keyboard. It shows you the progress in the forum of charts - for typing speed, number of errors, top speed etc.
    To check it, visit .

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    Practice Touch Typing Online
    TypeRacer is an online speed typing game. In this you can practice your typing accuracy and the speed by "type-racing" against many other online people at the time. In this you need to type in the given text accurately and also with a fast speed.

    It is the online virtual keyboard.

    Free Touch Typing Software
    It is also one of the best software available to learn the keyboard output.

    These were the suggestions to your question from my side.


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  • There are many apps and games to learn touch typing. Some of them are :

    1. 10FastFingers.
    2. TypingWeb.
    3. BBC - Dance Mat Typing.
    4. Typing Karaoke.
    5. Fun To Type.
    6. Rapid Typing.
    7. Amphetype.
    8. Keybr.
    9. Typeracer.
    10. Type It!

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