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  • Procedure to host podcast free on Google Drive

    Eager to host a podcast for free on Google Drive? Get step by step guidance on how to host audio and video podcasts on Google Drive easily.

    I want to host and publish my audio and video podcasts on Google drive. I want to host my videos and audio podcast on Google Drive because there is no bandwidth restriction. So please explain to me the procedure to host my podcast free on Google Drive so that subscribers can easily download on their computer and mobile.
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  • To host your podcasts, you need a rented space to host your audio and video files. Popular spaces need you to pay higher rent. Since Google Drive is free to use, you can use it to save your files.
    It basically involves creating a folder with your files that you want to podcast and then make this folder public. That way, anyone who uses your link to this folder will be able to download the files.
    If you are starting from scratch, you may follow these steps -

    1. Open your Google Drive account.

    2. Create a new folder with your podcast title.

    3. Upload your podcast files - audio, video or both - to this folder.

    4. Select a podcast plug in. I would suggest . Create a free account on this plug in, and authorise it to to access your Google Drive files. Be sure to authorise only the folder containing your podcast files.

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