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  • How to make Google Chrome run fast?

    See the tips to make Google Chrome run fast. Also, know what to do to increase Google Chrome browser surfing speed.

    I mostly use two browsers, Firefox and Google Chrome. I use Chrome very rarely because it runs very slow. When I open website in Firefox it just launched in seconds but the same website takes too long to launch on Chrome. So what to do to make Chrome run faster?
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  • A few tips that can make your Chrome run faster include the following-

    1. Disable plug in
    When you install Chrome, a lot of plugins get installed- some of them being flash, java etc. These plugins slow down the performance. You can disable the plugins you don't need. Type " about:plugins" in the address bar and search. Disable the ones you don't need from the list of results.

    2. Disable Extensions
    You might have installed some browser extensions for some specific needs. Some of them get installed without your knowledge. A few of them may not needed after the work done. You can uninstall the unneeded extensions or disable them for time being. Go to Tools> Extensions and either disable or uninstall based on your needs.

    3. Clear browsing data
    The purpose of having a cache is to speed up the browsing experience by having local content. But at times this data gets so large that it hampers the very purpose of it. You can decide to clear your browsing data for a few particular items, a specific time frame or also decide to clear your entire browsing history. It is not advised, however, to frequently clear your history as it may defeat the purpose of having a cache.

    4. Scan for Malware/Adware
    Malware and Adware can cause the browser to go unstable. Using an anti virus may not identify a Adware. Install a reliable Malware/Adware removal tool to scan and remove the Adware.

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  • Some of the methods to speed up the Internet speed in your Google Chrome are given below:

    1. Make sure to accept cookies.
    2. You must not clear the browsing history.
    3. Switch off the loading of images.
    4. Get a good Internet plan.
    5. Scan your Computer/Laptop for viruses as they slow down the working speed of your O.S.

    These were some of the methods or suggestions from my side so as to overcome your problem.


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  • Here are some methods to improve speed of Google Chrome web browser.

    Method 1
    1. Firstly, open Google Chrome.

    2. Then, goto "Settings" and click on "Show advanced settings"

    3. Under Privacy, uncheck these options :
    - Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors.
    - Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar or the app launcher search box.
    - Predict network actions to improve page load performance.
    - Use a web service to help resolve spelling errors.
    - Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google.
    - Send a "Do Not Track" request with your browsing traffic.

    Method 2
    1. Again, open Chrome browser.

    2. Then, goto Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Network -> Change proxy settings -> LAN settings.

    3. Here, uncheck "Automatically detect settings" and click on OK button.

    Method 4 - Deleting History
    1. Open Chrome.

    2. Type chrome://history/ in the Address Box.

    3. Here, click on the "Clear browsing data" button.

    Method 4 - Removing Extensions
    1. Open Chrome.

    2. Goto settings -> Extensions.

    3. Here, remove those extensions which you don't use.

    Method 5 - Disable Plugins
    1. Open Chrome.

    2. Type about:plugins in the Address Bar.

    3. Here, you can disable unneeded plugins.

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