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  • What is Find My Phone and what are its benefits?

    Want to know the features of Find My Phone utility? Wondering about how to use it? Find all the details about Find My Phone in this thread.

    I recently came to know about Find My Phone for Android device from Google. What is Find My Phone? How does it work? Can it be used to track lost phone? Kindly let me know in detail about its features. Also, let me know pros and cons of this app.
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  • If you have an android device on which you have logged in with your Google account that mobile information is stored in Google data. Your mobile model number, manufacturing company, IMEI number and all other details of your phone is saved on Google. If you lost your phone Google Find My Phone will show you the location of your device.

    But be sure that you Login on your computer with the same Google account that you use on your phone. Also you phone must have latest version of the Google app installed.

    Its very easy to search your lost mobile location:
    Open Google on you PC.
    Type "find my phone" in Google search bar.
    You will able to see the location of your device on Google Map.

    You also have option to ring your phone if you have lost it inside your home?

  • Absolutely with find my phone option you can track your lost phone.You have to login with google account in your phone.If you lost your phone or forgot by keeping somewhere, you can trace it out by searching in a web browser with same google account.It has some excellent features which will impress you.
    1.By this you can ring your Phone.
    2.You can locate your phone by GPS tracking.
    3.You can lock the phone by their only.
    4.You can entirely delete your personal data.

  • Find my phone option is very useful for us as by using this we can easily find our lost mobile phone. Using this you can easily locate your mobile phone which is lost anywhere like in your home, office or any other place. You just need to login with the Google account on your mobile phone which will be used to locate your mobile phone when it got lost. You can locate it by searching on a web browser with the same Google account which you entered on your mobile phone. You can trace your mobile phone by this method. So know you need not to worry much for your mobile phone's safety as your get many technologies to do that.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • Steps to use the "Find my phone"

    1.Log-in to the same Google account on your desktop computer's browser that you use on your Android smartphone, but before that make sure you must have the latest version of the Google app installed on your smartphone.
    2.Now type "Find my phone" into Google's search engine, and that's it.

    As soon as you press the enter button, Google will display a map that eventually shows you a location on the map that is accurate to a certain distance, as for example, the map showed me the location of my smartphone was accurate to 35 feet.

    If command fails to track the location then user also have the option to ring the device by hitting "Ring button"

    Android device manager is inbuild application in the android smartphone which also provide user the same benfits.

    Benefits of "find my phone"

    1.Help to track the device if the device is lost or stolen

    2.Remote access to the device

    Limitation of find my phone command

    1.Track the location of user on real time basis cause the privacy of user

    2.Smartphone Battery draning

    How to Stop google from tracking the smartphone through the "Find my phone Command"

    Google track the smartphone with the help of "GPS Tracker" and "Google location service",so Turn off may help to stop google tracking the Smartphone location.It also help to improve the performance of smartphone and battery .

    How to disable location tracker??

    1.Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators

    2.Uncheck the Box And confirm the same by hitting deactivate button

    3.Then go to location service and uncheck the box Google location service and Gps


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