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    How to download WhatsApp photos via Dropbox

    Would you like to download photos on WhatsApp to your PC via a Dropbox feature? Know if this is possible and get step by step free tutorials on how to do it.

    I want to know how to download WhatsApp photos automatically to Dropbox. I want to know this procedure for printing some photos. If all of my photos will automatically downloaded to Dropbox, then it will be easy for me to access them on my computer and take prints.
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  • Well, there is a way to automatically download WhatsApp images or videos or any media file to Dropbox.
    You will need the app Drop sync for this method to work.
    1. Open your Dropbox account and create a folder to download and save your WhatsApp files.
    2. Open the DropSync app and authorise it to access your Dropbox account.
    3. In your DropSync app, select local folder as /storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images and the Dropbox folder as the one you created in step 1 for saving WhatsApp images.
    4. Select Sync type to Upload only and change the sync interval to a duration you want.

    Done! As soon as you receive an image on WhatsApp, it will be synced to your Dropbox account and if you are connected to your Dropbox, it will be automatically downloaded. Please check the exact path for the WhatsApp images on your phone.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are the steps to download WhatsApp photos via Dropbox.

    1. Firstly, login to your Dropbox account and create a new folder. Give any name to it. Lets name it as WhatsApp.

    2. Download DropSync App from - and authorize it with your Dropbox account.

    3. In the DropSync app, select the Local folder as /storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images and select DropBox folder as WhatsApp (from the step 1).

    4. Set the method of Sync as "Upload Only".

    5. In the app settings menu, select the Autosync Interval to 5 minutes.

    6. That's all.

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