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  • Software to make movie scene in animated GIF's

    Keen on converting a movie scene or clip into an animated GIF? Find out from this Ask Expert page if there is any free software to help you do this.

    Please let me know the free software which I can use to convert movie scene or small video clips into animated GIF's. Is there any online website which supports conversion of movie clips or movie scene in animated GIF's. Software with help and tutorials guides are appreciated.
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  • There are many sites which provides Video To GIF Conversion. You can simply find those sites just by google it.

    Here are some sites which provides this facility.

    Simply Upload The Video And You Will Get The corresponding GIF File.

    There are also many softwares available which converts a video into GIF file, you can also try them out.
    The most simple and small sized software in this category is "LICEcap" Just Download it and select a folder where you want to put your GIF. Then Click Record To Record The Screen And Stop To stop. It will give you the corresponding GIF file. The software is only 250Kb for Windows OS.
    If need some detailed help, then just reply.

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  • Some of the suggestions to your question from my side are given below. Go through the details given below to know some fo the best software that converts video to GIF.

    1. Free Video to GIF Converter
    It is a software that is available for free. Using this software you can convert video from different extensions such as MPG, AVI, FLV, MOV, VOB, 3GP and many more to the animated GIF. Using this software you can trim out the best or favourate scene from the video and then create GIF from it. Using this software you can also remove the unwanted frames from your videos before getting it converted to GIF. It is one of the best software available to buy as it is very easy to use and has a user friendly interface.

    2. Freemore Video to GIF Converter
    It is also a free software. It supports some video extensions to use such as MPG, AVI, MP4, FLV and many other common video formats. Using this software you can cut out your favourate scene from any video and can make it to an animated GIF. It is also very easy software and also considered to be one of the best. Using this software you can also convert batch.

    3. Any GIF Animator
    Any GIF Animator is also one of the best and easy to use software. It is also available for free. The video formats supported by it are AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, MOV, 3GP, MKV and many other. Using this software you can cut out the video and then convert it into animated GIF. Using this software you can also set an starting and the ending point of the video before converting it into GIF. You can also adjust the lightness, contrast, saturation, darkness of the output. In this software you also get an advantage to use text overlay effects.

    4. Kick My Graphics
    It is also a free software used to make animated GIF from various video formats such as AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4, ASF and many more. Using this software you can also adjust the screen sizr of the video by the use of sliders. Using this software you can also set the transparency. But you can only make the animated GIF from the selected frames.

    5. Instagiffer
    It is also a great free software available to create animated GIF from the video files with different extensions. It also supports a feature of local media which allows you to import videos from some of the popular online video websites. In this software you need to load the video using the Load Video button. You can also set the starting and the ending point in this software. Using this software you can adjust various settings like smoothness, quality, brightness and many more. Using this software you can add some effect to the GIF and you can also add captions to the animated GIF.

    These were some suggestion from my side to your question. You can use any of them from the list mentioned above as they all are the best software available to use. These are also used by many number of people. They all are available to use at free.


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