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  • How to make RSS Feeds for Twitter

    Want to create an RSS feed for your Tweets at Twitter? Learn if this is possible and how to do so.

    We all know that Twitter does not allow to create RSS Feeds. I want to know is there any way we can create RSS Feeds for twitter. If yes please explain step by step how we can create RSS feed for Twitter as I want to use twitter data somewhere else other than Twitter.
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  • Creating a RSS feed in Twitter is simple. To create RSS feed for Twitter follow these steps:
    1.Go to Twitter homepage and select settings, followed by creating a new widget
    2.Note down the widget ID no.
    3.Now go to labnol's Google script. click on the file and then make a copy of script click on run and select 'Twitter RSS'. You need to authorize and initialize the script only once. on publish option.
    5.after this click 'save new version' button
    6.then click deploy after settings 'Anyone,including anonymous' under who has access to the app'.

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