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  • How to reset Redmi 1S factory settings?

    Want to reset Redmi 1S factory settings? Get step by step guidance from our experts to learn how to do this.

    I would like to know the exact procedure to reset Redmi 1S factory settings. Please give complete information.
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  • The simple method to factory reset any Android device is as follows-
    1. Tap on Settings>General Settings>Back up and Reset>Factory Data Reset
    2. Choose whether you want to delete apps or downloaded content.
    3. Confirm and follow on screen instructions.

    If, due to any reason, you cannot access Settings, the Redmi 1S has Mi Recovery which can be used to reset your phone to factory settings.
    Here is how you can access Mi Recovery-
    1. Switch your phone off.
    2. Press Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.
    3. Release the button when you see Mi logo. Keep the Volume button pressed.
    4. You will enter Recovery mode.
    5. Choose the language using Volume +/- keys.
    6. Once the language is chosen, you will get the options to Wipe all Data. Select it via Volume +/- keys and confirm with Power key.

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  • It's very simple process and is used mostly in all the Android smartphones. To reset Redmi 1S factory settings you need to go through:-

    Menu>>Settings>>General settings>>Back up and reset>>Factory Data Reset.

    It is commonly done to increase the working speed of a smartphone.


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  • There can be various reason of doing factory reset you are getting some app problem or something else. If the problem is not srvere then you can easily do it through this process by simply moving to Setting->General Setting->Back and Reset->Factory Reset. After that you will be guided through the process.

    If you forgot your pattern or hooked up with boot-loop then you can do a hard reset by following procedure.

    1. Turn off the phone and press volume up and power button at same time and keep them for few seconds.

    2. After some seconds you will see MI logo and after that a windows will pop in front of you.

    3. You can navigate through volume +/- buttons and confirm using power button.

    5. Navigate to Hard reset and press power button it will reset your phone.

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