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  • What are tubeless tyres and how are they useful?

    Know what is tubeless tyres and their advantages and benefits. Also, check out how they are useful as compared to other tyres in this Ask Experts post.

    I have heard of tubeless tyres. I just want to know from experts that what are tubeless tyres and what are the benefits of tubeless tyres. Do you ever face a puncture problem in tubeless tyre? I have Pulser 150 CC 2010 model, so can I get tubeless tyres for my bike?
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  • To understand what is tubeless tyre, one needs to understand what is tube or tubed tyre. A tube tyre has a rubber tube filled with air inside the tyre. This helps in making driving on the bumpy surface of the road smoother. It also acts as a cushion and supports the weight of the automobile.
    A tubeless tyre does not have a tube inside has less weight and thus in turn reduces the total weight of the vehicle. This makes the handling of the vehicle easier and smoother.

    Advantages of tubeless tyres

    1. It looses air gradually and at a uniform rate. While in case of tube tyres which when punctured will swerve the vehicle and make it unstable leading to an accident.

    2. Tubeless tyres offer less resistance and thus the vehicle feels lighter

    3. Tubeless tyres last longer than their tube counterparts.

    4. They generate less heat and vibration and hence are more economical.

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  • A tubeless tyre is a tyre without tube. In simple it is very beneficial to get as it improves the handling, grip and also it can't be punctured. It is more beneficial for those who use to travel daily.


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  • It is being said that "in a tubeless tire air sits in the cavity between the wheel rim and the inside of the tire." Thus off-road we can claim many benefits such us lower pressure, it gives us better grips and with no risk for pinch or punctures. However, these benefits diminish if we speak about on the road such us low pressure doesn't offer many benefits.

    To name other benefits of the tubeless tires we have no silly punctures, liquid sealant, air escapes slowly, light, no unwanted friction and stable. But one thing that is noticeable as a part of their disadvantages of the tubeless tires and this is difficult to fit.

    But for me, even then it is better to have tubeless tires because it's highly resistant to pinch flats, and you can drive all the way with a low pressure making it safer for you to drive. It also absorbs shock better than tires with tubes because it doesn't have at he separate forces of a pressurized tube pushing inside the tire.

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