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  • Best health apps for smartphone

    Want to know the best health app for your Android smartphone? Then check out this thread to know the best health app included with fitness features.

    Please provide me some of the best and free Android health apps. I like to know about the health apps which help us while walking or running. It must have features like distance of walk or run covered, calories burnt, time taken to cover distance, records of previous workout.
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  • Here is a list of some popular health and fitness apps. But it is not quite easy to pinpoint the best among them as it is always dependent on user preferences.
    Runtastic Pro
    If you constantly indulge in running, jogging and other physical workouts, this is an ideal app for you. It has the ability to monitor your calorie intake and heart rate. It has a good set of tools to track and record your fitness regimen. Though the pro version is available at Rs. 300, an add supported free version is also available.

    Nike Running
    It is the most popular running app. It boasts of a great user interface. It tracks your runs and achievements.

    As the name itself indicates, this app tracks your heart rate. You just need to place your finger on the camera while keeping the app running. Though it costs Rs.120 on iOS, it is available for free on Android.

    This is a unique app available for iOS and Android. Not all can workout for hours together. In today's busy life, one hardly gets enough time for working out. This app has 14 different exercises and workout that can be performed in 30 seconds each. You can be assured of an intensive workout that takes just 7 minutes- hence the name- SEVEN.

    This app helps you track your calorie intake. It has a massive database of over 300 dishes and ingredients. The app can also scan the bar codes from your groceries.

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  • The best suggestion from my side is "Cardiograph" and "Nike Running". They both are one of the popular and best suggestions for your question.


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  • Here are the best health apps for Android smartphones.

    1. Google Fit.
    2. My Tracks.
    3. Pedometer.
    4. RunKeeper.
    5. Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal.
    6. Runtastic Running GPS Tracker.
    7. GYM Trainer.
    8. Weight Track Assistant.
    9. GM Diet Plan.
    10. Burn Fat.

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