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  • How to bypass Candycrush Game waiting time?

    Want to know Candy Crush tips? Keen to explore how to reduce Candy Crush Saga waiting time? Wish to get more lives in less time? Stay focused here as experts explain the Candy Crush Tricks.

    I love playing Candy Crush Saga. I have successfully completed 415 levels of this game. Now I am on 416th level which is very tough. It takes 30 minutes to get one life in this game. Since a maximum 5 lives are allotted, it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to get all 5 lives. This is very annoying part of this game. But this also makes game interesting. Is there any trick to bypass the time needed to get a life? If it exists, explain the steps involved.
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  • What you have said is right. One need to wait for at-least 30 minutes to get one life in Candy Crush game.
    One of my friend, does a trick to solve this issue. He change the time in forward. That means, if you change time 30 minutes forward, you can earn one life instantly. Make sure, to get another life by this method, you have to now be ahead of time you have spent in that life plus 30 minutes. Every time you have to be forward in time to get new lives.

    Another way to get more lives when you are out of lives is to ask for life by sending life request to your Facebook friends

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • It is very easy to get more lives in Candy Crush Saga. Just increase the time of your smartphone's clock by 30 minutes to get one life immediately. Increase more time to get more lives.

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