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  • How to get do follow backlink from Google Drive?

    Want to avail of the do follow backlink via Google Drive? Know if this is possible and the procedure to use it correctly.

    I have heard that we can get do follow backlink from Google Drive. Which Google product I have to use for this? It is a Spreadsheet or Google Docs to get backlink from Google Drive? I want to know step by step procedure how we can get do follow backlink from Google Drive.
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  • Here are the steps to create backlinks from Google Drive.

    1. Firstly, login to your Google Drive account.

    2. Then create a new folder and give it any name. Lets name it "Index".

    3. Make this folder's visibility as Public.

    4. Open notepad and copy-paste the following code (without quotes) in it. Save this file in .html extension like "index.html".

    <title> My Blog </title>
    <h2> My Blog </h2>
    <h1> <a href=""> Techulator </a></br>
    <a href=""> Techulator</a>

    5. From the above code, remove "" and write the url of your own blog.

    6. Then upload the index.html file in the index folder (Google Drive) you created in the second step.

    7. That's it. Now wait until Google indexes it in its search index.

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