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  • Blogger Widget to publish post on all social media network with one click

    Want to share your blog post on various social media platforms in just one click? Know the widget to install and use at your blogger blog post to do this.

    Presently after writing any post on blogger I with to submit that post on all social media networks manually. Is there any widget available for blogger by which I can add my post on all social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, Stumbleupon and others with a single click?
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  • Here is how to share new posts on different social networks automatically.

    1. Firstly, create an Onlywire account and login into it.

    2. Open "Networks" tab and authorize different social networks one by one.

    3. Then open "Automation" tab and click on "Add Feed" button.

    4. In the next page, enter the RSS feed URL of your blog and click on "Add Feed & Continue" button.

    5. In the new page, select "Post to all networks" and click on "Save Feed" button.

    6. That's it. Now whenever you publish a new blog post, Onlywire will automatically share it on your social networks.

  • You can make use of following options to share your blog contents automatically to social media -

    1. OnlyWire
    As explained in the previous response, it is an effective tool for the purpose. It Is as simple as signing up for the platform and adding your blog RSS to your profile. You can choose as many as 30 social media sites to share your content on. It S available in a multiple formats like a Web form, a browser extension or a share button on your site.

    2. Twitterfeeds
    This is capable of sharing your content on the selected social media sites. You can also choose whether you want to post only title of your blog post or description or both.

    3. Hootsuite

    This allows you to share to more networks than twitterfeeds. It supports separate settings for separate social media sites. You can schedule updates and monitor social analytics.

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