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  • Where to download Rediffmail mobile app from?

    Need to download Rediffmail mobile app? Our experts will explain where to access the app and how to install it correctly for use.

    One of my friends has a Rediffmail email account. Unlike the majority of the email service providers, Rediff does not seem to have a mobile app. How to access Rediffmail email account on mobile? I tried accessing it via Gnail app, but it does not seem to sync properly. Is there any third party app for the purpose?
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  • Rediffmail has mobile app for various platforms. Below are links to the relevant App Store :

    1. Rediffmail NG for Android (.apk) -

    2. Rediffmail NG for iOS (.ipa) -

    3. Rediffmail NG for Windows Phone (.xap) -

    4. Rediffmail NG for BlackBerry -

    5. Rediffmail NG for Symbian (.sisx) -

    6. Rediffmail for Nokia s30 and s40 (.jar) -

  • Rediff have apps for mail. You can download Rediffmail app from Google Play Store. you will find Rediffmail App as Rediffmail NG. You can download it from link mentioned below:

    I will like to suggest you one more app - All Email Providers, by the use of this app you can access all your email accounts at one place.

  • Why should I go for All mail providers or any such app when I can easily access all my mail accounts on the official Gmail app on Android? The Gmail app now supports non-Gmail accounts and also a host of them. My issue is with the rediffmail account which does not work as it should on Gmail. I request the members not to come up with invalid suggestions about any third party email app.

    Live....and Let Live!

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