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  • How to embed Facebook videos in blogger posts?

    Want to embed a Facebook video at your blogger post? Get step by step guidance on how to do this correctly.

    Facebook is now allowing users to embed videos like Youtube. So now everyone can use their Facebook videos on any webpage. I would like to know how to embed Facebook videos in blogger post pages? What are the steps involved to show to show Facebook videos on Blogger post pages? Please explain step by step procedure.
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  • Follow these steps to embed a Facebook video in your blog or website –
    1. Find the video you would like to embed.
    2. Open the video to play in a lightbox window.
    3. Hover your mouse on Options and click on Embed Video
    4. You will get a snippet code which you need to copy-paste in your HTML template of the blog.

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  • Here are the steps to embed facebook videos in Blogger.

    1. Firstly, login to your facebook account.

    2. Then search a video.

    3. Click on the thumbnail of the video to enlarge it.

    4. Hover the mouse over Options and select Embed Video.

    5. Copy the code snippet of the video and paste it into the web page.

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