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  • Is it wise to use Disk Defragmenter occasionally?

    Planning to use the disk defragmenter feature on your system? Know first whether or not it is safe to use it occasionally or best not to use it at all.

    What is the use of Disk Defragmenter? How occasionally we can use this feature? Is there any negative points of using Disk Defragmenter? What are the benefits of using Disk Defragmenter? Does it cause any problem to the Hard Disk of our system? What are the types files deleted or compressed by performing Disk Defragment?
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  • You can defragment your drive once per month if you are a normal user. What I mean by normal user is that you use the computer for normal internet use, email and such. If you are a heavy user which means you use it for around eight hours a day, you need to defragment it more often. A schedule of once every two weeks should be better. In any case, I would suggest you to analyse your disks before defragmenting. If your drive is less than 10% fragmented, there is no need to defragment it.
    Also consider defragmenting your drive if your device is slow because fragmentation might have caused this issue.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Yes, disk defragmentation is benefecial in many cases like freeing unused disk space and speeding up your PC . You can use AVG Tuneup Utilities App for faster defragmentation.

  • Depending on how much data is transferred everyday, then you should defrag once a month. NTFS file system does a good job of keeping the order of the files however, you should be doing defrag in such a way that your computer is not slowing down. Clean up your disk using CCleaner and do the defrag once every two month. This way you can ensure that PC is working is just fine.

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