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    Increasing the traffic through social networking sites

    Does social networks really help to improve traffic for blogs and websites? Learn how to take advantage of social networking media to make your website popular and improve the traffic.

    Recently I came across a thread saying that many members earn about 100 dollars per month through Google AdSense. They mentioned that the social networking sites increase the traffic to the site. I want to know how to share and how to increase the traffic through the social networking sites? What are the best social networking sites to increase the traffic? Give me a detailed response for easy understanding.
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  • Yes, it is true that social networking site help to increase more traffic to our blog or website for sharing on those sites. You can share your content to following social networking sites.
    1. Facebook: Share your links and summaries of article to Facebook and change the status updates, so that your friends like them and share them when they visit the article.
    2. Twitter: You can also share the link on twitter as it will get visits from over the world.
    3. LinkedIn: You can also share your article links to your professional circle and get more traffic.
    4. Google+: If you are using Gmail, you can share your article via Google+ social networking.
    Try to post the links and summary to those networks or communities which are relevant to them. For example, if you have written article on Micromax A116 Canvas HD, you can get maximum traffic by posting that article link and summary on community of Micromax on Google+, Facebook or Orkut.

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  • Social Networking sites are the place where millions of people are online 24*7. Social Networking sites are a kind of e-society where you are just advertising so that people can know about your articles and website if interested they may visit your site. There are huge number of social network sites across web, but number of social sites are really very popular. You can definitely get good traffic if you could reach to exact group or people.
    List of Popular Social Network Site :
    Google Plus+

    Things to Remember:
    1. Share the limited number of posts per day( the number of tofee you eat daily).
    2. Share with similar group or community.
    3. Don't share in wrong group or category.
    4. Don't spam.

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  • Hi Member

    This is very good thread , in my point of view there are many ways to Increase your traffic on the website, If you want to Increase your blog traffic and website then first of all make your website/ blog very attractive and then post quality content and best review of the product , then you can Increase traffic. Another way of Increasing traffic you can submit your links in this social website where lot of visitor attract to your site, list of the site is given below

    13.Google Plus+

    These website can Increase your visitors and age rank also. So try to post good content in your blog and we site.

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  • Yes, social networking sites are a good medium to promote your blog or website. Among all the social networking sites, the sites which are most popular are:
    Whenever you update your website with new content or publish a new blog post, let the world know about it. Share, tweet about your new post and encourage your friends and followers to read it. But, don't spam other users' pages or timelines with links of your new post as you may be reported for abuse and spam and your account may also get blocked. Of course, social networks are great tools for promotion, but you should use them wisely.

  • Social networks are very good sources to increase the traffic to your contributions. The more traffic you get, the more are the chances of getting ad clicks and the more will be your revenue through the Google adsense. I also share my content with the people through every possible social network like twitter, facebook etc. I personally suggest you to grow your social network as much as you can so that your shared pages could attract maximum visitors.

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  • Yes, there are certain official ways where you can increase traffic to your webpage, one of them is Social Networking site adhering its policy. Organic traffic is very important than referral traffic, thus author can share article with any famous social networking site in relevant group.

    Home page setup and creating relevant group category in any social networking site is very important, once you created group - you may then add your friend email address where each article link from you can be sent to your friends, possible for earning traffic and revenue. The more friend you have in Social networking site the more chances of traffic to your webpage.

    You can use social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Digg etc.


  • Dear friends
    If you have any website/blog or any other thing then if you will not advertise then you cannot get more benefit. If we take only the example of website/blog then this is sure that to increase the traffic all social networking sites are very helpful.

    As we all know that most of the people are spending their mostly time of using these social sites. So if you updates then your this information goes to your all friends.

    If you update any thing on your wall then most your friends will see this and if they find it useful then they also visit on your website/blog. On this way you can get more traffic.

    Social networking sites:
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Twitter
    • You tube
    • Linked in
    • Orkut

    But mostly persons are using the facebook so in this site you can upload your website link/video/images and if anyone like it, share it & visit on your website then sure you will get benefit.

  • Yes it is true. You can earn lot through social networking sites. First of all you need to create your own blog. Select respective type to write articles. Depend upon the type create more number of articles in your blog. Then apply Google Adsense account from your blog. If the Adsense gets approved, you could earn directly from Google. Then use the links of your article in the social sites. That will make you more comfortable to earning. Some of the best social networking sites which make the increase in traffic are:
    1. Facebook
    2. LinkedIn
    3. Google+
    4. Twitter
    5. Orkut
    6. YouTube
    7. Reddit
    8. Foursquare
    9. Tumblr
    10. Pinterest

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