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    Best software to make house Wi-Fi enabled

    Searching for good software to make your home WiFi enabled? Get feedback and suggestions from our experts.

    I want to know which are good software we can install on our computer to make it a WiFi Hotspot. I have Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop with Windows 7 64 bit operating system. Please give me details about the software which are ready to use after just installing and which do not require .net to be installed on the system.
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  • You can use mHotspot for making your Laptop's Wi-Fi as a Hotspot device. It is a free software. You can download it from Its size is just 400 KB.

  • There are many free tools for creating Wifi Hotspot on your laptop. Here is a list of tools:

    1. My Wifi Router (
    Befefits: Easy interface and ability to share videos over wifi

    2. MyPublicWIFI (
    Benefits: ability to know the connected devices

    3. mHotspot (
    Benefits: small size, see clients

  • There are a couple of WiFi hotspot creators that can be used to use on your laptop. A few of them are

    1. mHotspot free software
    It is complety free software. You can use the software to connect upto 10 devices. The software works across all platforms including BlackBerry, Windows, Android and others.

    2. mypublicwifi
    It is another software that converts your laptop into a public WiFi hktspot. In fact the single internet connection can be used for a wider public audience. However, there is nothing to worry - you can track the usage activities of the people connected to the WiFi.

    3. Connectify
    This is a paid software. It lets you share the internet connection on your laptop with all nearby devices. A frew version is also available, but it is advisable to go for paid one which does not cost much.

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  • Windows 7 supports some of the following apps.

    1. LucidLink - You can download the app from the SoftPedia. The app is free and also keeps the home group secure.

    2. AirSnare - This app also helps monitor the Wifi and setup the home network. It is old software and there are not many updates to it.

    3. mHotspot - It is small size app. It sets up the wifi quickly. It is free to use and download. You may find it on tucows or softpedia.

    Apart from this, the new modems being sold these days don't require you to use such software to setup home group. Your broadband provider can help you with this.

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