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    How to get free mobile recharge from Mobikwik for downloading Flipkart app?

    Heard about the free Mobikwik mobile recharge for downloading Flipkar app? Find out how you can get this free offer.

    I heard from one of my friend that you can get Free Rs.50 mobile recharge from Mobikwik for downloading Flipkart app on your smartphone. Is it true? Please provide detailed steps for the same.
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  • Yes, you heard it right. Mobikwik is running a campaign in association with Flipkart. You will get Rs. 50 in your Mobikwik wallet on the First time installation of Flipkart app.
    Here is how you can do it -
    1. Install Flipkart on your phone.
    2. Create a Flipkart account and login.
    3. The mobikwik promocode will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
    4. Sign in to your Mobikwik account. If you do not have one, create a mobikwik account.
    5. Add money (Rs.50) to your Mobikwik wallet.
    6. Give the promocode you received from Flipkart.
    7. Pay for Rs.50 using debit/credit card.
    8. You will receive Rs.50 in your Mobikwik wallet.

    Terms and conditions -
    1. Offer is available only on first time installation of Flipkart. If you already have the flipkart app installed, you will not be eligible. Even if you uninstall the app and reinstall it, it will not be considered.
    2. You need to add Rs. 50 to your Mobikwik wallet by credit or debit card.
    3. Offer is not available on netbanking transaction.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Yes this offer is available. To avail this offer you have to Register a new account on Flipkart app. It is not a recharge coupon but it is a Mobikwik cashback Coupon and can be used for other purpose also. But please note that this offer is only available on the first installation of Flipkart app on your device. It takes 24 hours to get this 50 Rs cash back coupon. You will get this coupon by notification in Flipkart app on your device.

    But this is not the cash-back coupon which you can directly use. You must add additional amount of Rs 50 to your Mobikwiki wallet through your debit or credit card. Netbanking is allowed to add fund to your Mobikwiki wallet but this Mobikwiki 50 Rs Cashback coupon will not get activated by adding 50 Rs to your Mobikwiki wallet.

  • Yes. It's true that Flipkart is offering free Mobikwik cash of Rs.50 for downloading and installing the Flipkart app.

    It's very easy to get Rs.50 in Mobikwik account for downloading Flipkart app. Below are the 3 easy steps.

    1. Click Here to download and install Flipkart app.
    2. Create an account on Flipkart and login using the account credentials.
    3. The promo code to get Rs.50 in your Mobikwik account will be received by you via a notification in Flipkart app.

    Once you have received the promo code, login to your Mobikwik account, use the promo code, make the payment using debit/credit card and you are done. If you receive the promo code and are unable to get Rs.50 in Mobikwik account, feel free to mail Mobikwik support. They will surely guide you.

    Note: There are terms and conditions associated with the offer. You will be paid only is you are downloading the Flipkart app for the first time. If you have already installed Flipkart app, you are not eligible even if you delete and reinstall the app on your phone.

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