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  • What is Net Neutrality and its pros and cons

    Puzzled about the concept of Net neutrality? Get a better understanding of what net neutrality means and its advantages and disadvantages.

    There is wide discussion going on about Net Neutrality and its advantages and disadvantages but however many do not know in detail including me. What is Net Neutrality? Why there is a big discussion going on it? What are its disadvantages for the end users? Kindly let us know in detail.
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  • The meaning of net neutrality
    Net neutrality means all the data should be treated equal. It should not be differentiated, and/or charged differently based on the site, application, platform or type of the equipment connected.
    In simple words, once a service provider sells you the data plan, they should not have any right on how you use the data. The ISP should not be in a position to control or choose the way the plan is being is used.
    What is the significance of it now?
    The issue of net neutrality has been a point of debate and argument in western world since long. It surfaced in India only recently when AirTel came up a plan to charge the voice calls made from apps like Viber, WhatsApp etc. at a higher rate than normal voice calls. In other words, AirTel was trying to differentiate the data plan and its usage. The plan was scrapped after a public protest, but the telcos are now lobbying for plans that are anti net neutrality. TRAI has been in consultation with the concerned parties.

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  • Net neutrality issue has reached bigger heights now. The AirTel zero plan has been receiving wide spread criticism from almost all quarters. Flipkart has distanced itself from the plan. Incidentally, Flipkart CEO had been quite vocal in support for the plan till a couple of hours ago. A host of political parties also have come in support of net neutrality. Hopefully, TRAI will come up with guidelines that are beneficial for consumers.

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  • Net neutrality is the guiding concept for everything that we get to know or do on the Internet or Web. As right now, there are no restrictions for any kind of access to content on the Internet like no restrictions for downloads or uploads, no restrictions for communication methods like email, chat, IM and many other. It is the assurance that access to the Internet and the content on it will not be blocked, slowed down.


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