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    How to run shared obb files on Android

    Eager to run shared obb files on your Android smart phone? Find out if this is possible and if so know the correct procedure.

    I have shared a game (leos fortune) through share it and placed obb file in internal storage obb folder. But the game dose not run on my phone. Why games with obb can't be shared and how can they be shared? Please help me out with this.
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  • You may need to follow the following steps. The apps normally search for the additional files from the specific folders. If the application fails to find the specified folder, it may not run even if you have the obb files on your device, because the app will not search the entire memory.
    1. If you have extracted the data folder, place it in Android/data.
    2. Paste the obb files in Android/obb
    3. Install the game and run it.
    If your game does not run, or wants to download the files again - don't panic. You don't need to download them again. Let the app begin the download. Maybe it needs a specific folder for the data. Stop the download as soon as it begins, and using file manager- find the folders newly created by the app. Cut and Paste your data folder and obb files in the respective folders. Now run your game. It should run properly.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If your game is not running in spite of placing file in internal storage obb folder then there are chances your Leos Fortune game is asking for downloading additional data. But there is no need to download data again. You just need to verify your data. Some games need first time verification check to run on your device. Turn on your device internet and let the game verify your data.

  • Obb files are additional data files for Android games. These are very beneficial if your device is not rooted. For example, if you smartphone's internal memory is 512 MB and if you want to install a game of 1 GB, then you cannot install it without rooting your device. So in this case, obb file plays a very important role.

    How to Play .obb Games
    Now coming to your question, you cannot open obb file directly. You need to have both the obb and apk file of the game. This apk file is just a shortcut/launcher/emulator of the obb file. Therefor, its size will be smaller than the original obb.

    1. Firstly, place the obb file in the Mcard/Android/obb/ folder.
    2. Now install the apk file.
    3. Then goto the Menu screen nd you will see the icon of the newly installed game. In your case, it will be - Leos Fortune.
    4. Now open it and enjoy the game. It will automatically execute the obb file place in the inner folder.

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