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  • Whats new in Facebook standalone Messenger web app

    Confused about the Facebook standalone Messenger web app? Know its features and how to use from our experts.

    Facebook has just launched Messenger web app. Please provide details about its features. What are the new things we can enjoy with this web app? Are we able to use it as alternate of Facebook on computer? What is the difference Facebook messenger and Facebook Web App?
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  • Facebook Messanger web app is very similar to Whatsapp web app. You can access it on this web address -

    Features of Messenger web app
    - The web app is very similar to the original Messenger app for smartphones. You can login with your facebook username and password.
    - It doesn't have news feed, timeline and profile page like the original facebook website.
    - The main purpose of this app is messaging and chating.
    - It has voice calling feature.
    - You can sync messages between various devices running Messanger app.
    - It has stickers and emoticons.

  • The new messenger web app launched by Facebook is a standalone app. You can access it via The facebook users can continue chatting via facebook as before, but the messenger app is aimed at being a completely messaging service without the annoyance of news feed and the profiles.
    To use messenger, there is no need for special registration. You just need to login with your facebook credentials. It works on the similar lines as the mobile app. It does have support for voice calling, stickers and emoticons.
    Facebook has been attempting to make the messenger service a Platform rather than just a messaging service. They are working on to make it compatible with online retailers so that users can interact with the them and get updates on the status of orders. If you have the payments feature enabled on your mobile app, it will get included in the Contents from third party apps already created on the mobile app can be integrated into the web app, but you cannot create it from the web app.
    However, it must be said that the app is still in its infancy. If you want to block a user or change privacy settings, you need to visit the main facebook website. Settings are not comprehensive. Cat heads and the groups are absent. But, given the track record of Facebook, we can expect the developments soon.

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