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  • Comparison and difference between Android KitKat & Lollipop

    Read this thread to know the detailed comparison and differences between Android KitKat and Android Lollipop operating system.

    What are the main differences between Android KitKat & Lollipop operating system? I have not seen any major differences between them and the same goes to earlier version viz. Android Jelly Bean vs KitKat. The differences what I could observe are little changes in settings option. You may let us know if there are any extra features in KitKat and Lollipop OS.
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  • These are the new feature in Android Lollipop OS as compared to Android Kitkat.

    Flash as Torch : In Android Lollipop, you do not need to have any third party application for using the camera flash as torch light. It has an inbuilt feature to do so in the notification panel.
    Battery Bar : When you plugin your phone with charger, the home screen will autimatically show you the time remaining for the full charge. It will also show you, how much time is left before the battery drains completely.
    Easter Eggs : Goto setting -> About and click few times on the version number. This easter egg is very similar to Flappy bird game. But the bird is replaced by the Android Robot.
    Guest User : In Android Lollipop, you can set up a profile for your friend or relative. This way, you can restrict the access of your friends and relatives from your personal information. You can add a guest profile form settings -> Users -> Add Guest.
    Notification : The notification panel of Lollipop is easy to navigate than the notification panel of Kitkat.
    Trusted Places : This is a new feature in Android Lollipop. You can set up the trusted places Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock.

  • Key differences between the Kitkat and Lollipop are as follows-
    Biggest plus-point is the look that has been termed as "Material design" by Google. There is a "realness" about the new design in lollipop. The interface looks a bit dynamic. The soft buttons have been made a bit stylish. Compared to the flat look of Kitkat, the design looks aesthetically inspiring on lollipop.
    Battery life
    An attempt has been made to make the OS smoother. The Project Volta provides the battery statistics to the developers which helps them tweak their apps to avoid unnecessary battery drain. A battery saving mode has been created by default.
    Lollipop has made big advances in terms of security. A location specific security feature has been introduced. You can designate a few safe zones wherein your phone will switch off the lock code.
    Notifications have been integrated into the lockscreen. Also they have been made less intrusive. For instance, a call when you were into something used to interrupt the task you were into – be it browsing, reading or whatever- but, now you will get a pop up which you can choose to ignore or accept.
    A few other changes include-
    An inbuilt flashlight has been added on the notification panel. No need for any third party app. Make sure your phone has LED flash.
    Quick Chromecast access
    You no longer need to install any third party for chromecast. Once upgrading to lollipop you can install the official app from Play store.
    App Prioritization
    You have the liberty of prioritizing the apps so that you can receive notifications from those apps only. This will ensure that you will get notifications from important apps alone, not from games or other unimportant apps.

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  • I am here to make you aware regarding the differences between the Android 5.0 Lollipop and the Android KitKat. Go through the details given below to know them.

    The noticeable news regarding the Android Lollipop is its fresh look, dubbed "Material" by Google. And the use of the famous Android soft buttons have been made the Android Lollipop more stylish. Moreover, there is much improvement in the Android Lollipop than in the Android KitKat.

    Firstly, Project Butter was used as the Google's way to make the Android feel much smoother and slicker but now the company had revealed the Project Volta which is a system that provides the developers with a better means of finding out the information on what elements of their applications are draining or using battery at an unnecessary rates.

    Google had made much massive strides with the Android when it comes to the overall security part like coming up with pattern unlocks and the facial recognition. But the Android KitKat doesn't make much interesting to the table in this respect, but still it worked really well. And now with the Android Lollipop you can make the security more convenient which is done so using two methods which are:- Android Wear method and your current location method. In the first method the users can use their Android smartwatches as an tool to automatically bypass the passcode of your Android smartphone when it catches or detects the Android smartwatch nearby. In the second method you can designate the safe zones like your home itself, where your Android smartphone will automatically switch off the lock code of your smartphone.

    These were some of the major differences between the Android KitKat & Lollipop.


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