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    Enquiry for Music Systems at 10000 Rupees

    Planning to buy a music system within a budget of INR 10k? Get feedback and suggestions from the responses in this thread on which are the best brands and models of music systems in the 10k to 12k range in India.

    I want to buy a Music System for my Hall. Which should have best quality 3D - Stereo surrounding Sound. I have a budget of 10000 / - Rupees. Please suggest me some models. I may increase my budget by 1000 - 2000 Rupees so that I may get the best model available as per my requirement.
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  • Here are some of the music systems which comes under your budget.

    1. Yes Home Theater System YDT-12
    Type: 4.1 & 5.1 Speaker
    Sound Output:110 W
    Price:11511 Rs

    2.LG HT306SU 5.1 DVD Home Theatre System
    Type:Home Theatre
    Sound Output:330 W
    Price : 10433 Rs

    Jack Martin 9000bmfu 5.1 Channel Home Theater
    Type : 4.1 & 5.1 Speakers
    Sound Output : 100-300 W
    Channel : 5.1
    Price : 11500 Rs

    F&D F8000U 5.1 Home Theater
    Type:5.1 Speaker
    Sound Output:150 W
    Price:10933 Rs

    Philips HTD5510 5.1 DVD Home Theatre System
    Type:Home Theatres
    Sound Output:1000 W
    Price: 11511 Rs

    LG HT306SU 5.1 DVD Home Theater System
    Type:Home Theatre
    Sound Output:330 W
    Price: 10433

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