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    What is Lost.Dir folder in Android smartphone

    Puzzled about the ost.Dir folder in your Android smartphone? Know what is the function of this folder and whether it is ok to delete it.

    I would like to know what is the folder with the name of "Lost.Dir" in Android smartphone? What is the use and function of that file/folder? I used to delete that folder since I have no idea about it then it re-appeared in the same location. Is there any issue on deleting that folder? What is so special about it? Is it virus file? Kindly let me know about Lost.Dir folder.
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  • What Is LOST.DIR
    It is an android system folder. Android saves the temporary files which are recovered during system boot. It can somewhat be compared to Recycle Bin in Windows. If the phone suddenly turns off while you are saving files, or when the phone freezes/hangs while performing an action, Android saves copies of these files to the LOST.DIR folder. This is done to help recover these files during next boot. Sometimes these files are renamed.
    There are a few reasons for files to pile up in the LOST.DIR folder.-
    • Pulling out memory card without unmounting it.
    • Network fluctuations/interruptions while downloading files.
    • Sudden freezing of the device.
    • Turning off the device while some read/write operation is on

    Is It Safe To Delete LOST.DIR folder?
    It is absolutely safe to delete the contents of the folder or the entire folder itself. The folder may pile up files over time which may run into GBs. You can delete these files to save the precious memory space. Even if you delete the entire folder, it will re-appear during the next boot.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • LOST.DIR folder is automatically created by Phone Operating system to store raw files which are not fully developed due to technical reason like phone switch off, internet disconnected, unsuccessful download etc. It is not a Virus file.

    You can not compare LOST.DIR as Recycle Bin because Recycle Bin stores deleted files.

  • I think this folder is of no use and I always delete this folder when I get it on my smartphone or tab. And yet I have not face any problem by deleting it.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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