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  • How to improve battery life of Redmi 1S

    Check out the tips and tricks to improve the battery life of Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

    I would like to know tips and tricks to improve or extend battery life of Redmi 1S smartphone. Please give me some useful suggestions.
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  • Below are some tips and tricks which will help you in saving your Redmi S1 battery Life

    1.Setting brightness and turning off auto brightness.
    Brightness setting plays important role in saving battery life. So set the brightness as per your need and also turnoff auto brigtness because this function provides brightness usually more than we need.

    2.Use dark or low brightness background.
    Use the Wallpaper or or Screensaver on your screen which is dark and use low brightness. Because screen is the most powerful battery consumer. So try to use dark background.

    3.Try to avoid Vibration
    Many times we are in place where there is more sound like traffic, functions, movies etc. At that time we usually keep our phone in vibration mode. But after we are off from this places we always remember to switch off vibration mode. Vibration mode use 80% more power from our battery than normal ringing mode. So always try and make it habit to turn off vibration mode and turn back to normal. ringing mode.

    4.Screen Lock At Very Normal Time Out
    Turn On your Screen lock. Set it to very low time like 10 seconds or 15 seconds. Because it is possible that if you keep your phone in your pocket after making call or receiving call some keys are pressed and your phone will start some apps whic consumes battery. So it is always advice-able to lock screen and put your phone in pocket. The power key also perform the same function so make habit of pressing power key after making or receiving phone.

    5.Always use original battery
    If for any reason if you have to change your device battery, try to use original one. For saving some bucks never use battery of duplicate manufacturer.

    6.Turn off Notifications and Location Service
    If not needed turn off location service and also notifications. Because Location service use internet all the time to keep update your location. Which again use more battery power.

    7.Internet Usage
    Try to switch off your internet service at night which will gives your battery more life. Turn of Wi-fi if you are using. Always keep on Battery Saving Mode On.

    8.Battery Charging
    Never leave your phone in charging after its fully charged. It effects on battery life and performance after long period. Many people have habits of keeping phone in charging in night and taking out in morning. Always avoid this. Keep your battery in charge for one or two hours in night and than take it from charging. Always avoid using your phone when it is in charging.

    9.Turn Of Bluetooth And App Auto Update
    Bluetooth is again one more sucker of battery. If not needed always turn off your Smartphone Bluetooth. Also turn off auto update of app because it always search for updates and use more battery power.

    These are some useful tips hope definitely will help you.

  • Before proceeding to change the settings to improve your battery life, check what is taking up more battery. You can check it by navigating to Settings> battery and here you will be able to see the list of apps sucking your battery.
    Here is how you can save battery-
    1.Reduce brightness- In any Android device, it is the screen that consumes more juice. Set the brightness to minimum you are comfortable with. You can do this by navigating to Settings>Display>Brightness. Set Auto Brightness to ON. Change the Auto-Sleep to less than 15 seconds.

    2. Use Power saving Modes- The MiUI on Redmi 1S provides three different power saving modes. Go to Security app, navigate to Power. Now under Battery Configuration, you have the option of setting it up for Marathon, Default and Sleep modes. Set any of them to check how it saves your battery. You can also set sceduled Power saving modes. For instance, set it to run in Sleep mode at night hours.

    3.Disable connectivity features - The Redmi 1S comes with slew of connectivity options. Disable the unwanted connectivity features like NFC, Bluetooth and GPS. You can enable them as and when needed. When you are in a non coverage area for prolonged hours, set it to the Airplane mode.

    4.Using launchers - Some third party launchers are found to be effective in saving battery. Try some launchers like Google Now or Nova launcher.

    5.Use dark wallpalers/themes - Make it a point to use a darker wallpaper. Most of the apps provide themes for the appearance. Use dark theme which will be helpful enough to save your battery.

    Live....and Let Live!

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