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    How to choose the power bank mAh capacity for new smartphone?

    Are you looking for the best budget power banks for your smartphone? Then this ask expert thread lists you all the best brands and you can also find a complete guide on how to choose the best power bank for your smartphone and what are the factors that you should always consider while buying them.

    I want to buy a new power bank for my new Moto G phone. The capacity of battery of Moto G is around 2100 mAh.

    Which power bank should I choose? 2200 mAh, 5000 mAh or more than that? Because, power bank capacity more than the battery capacity will charge the phone easily but what are the other factors that should be checked before buying a new power bank? Please also suggest the best brand that provide a good value for money.
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  • Yes, you can buy power bank with 10000 mAh that will be helpful for you device. The power bank you buy must be a branded one, for example, try to buy Sony or Mi one. Try to avoid buying local or unbranded power banks since it can harm your device or charging issues can happen over a period of time or it may have short life. Nowadays, branded power bank is available at very cheap rate.

    Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400 mAh costs just Rs.785 in Flipkart also sells it but at a slightly higher price.


  • Follow these points while buying a power bank-
    • Check the battery capacity of your device. In your case, this is 2100 mAh. So you need to go for at least 2500 mAh powerbank. If you buy the one with 5000 mAh, it will mean that you will be able to charge your device twice.
    • Go for the maximum capacity that your budget allows.
    • Remember to check the current draw. New generation smartphones need a 2.1 A current. It would be better to buy the one with two ports - one for 1A and other for 2.1 A.
    • Check the type of battery cells used in the power bank. Li-ion cells are cheaper, while Li-polymer cells are expensive - yet provide better charge density.
    • And finally check for the brand. A few power banks available across the counter are potentially hazardous.
    • Make it a point to check whether the power bank has OVP- Over Voltage Protection, OCP- Over Current Protection and OTP- Over Temperature protection.

    Since you have asked for the suggestion on which brand to buy, here is a suggestion for a few better power banks-
    Mi Power Bank - 10400 mAh. It is avaialble at Rs.699.
    Adata PV110 - 10400 mAh. Price is Rs. 2450
    Portronics Charge 2 - 12000 mAh. Available at Rs. 2900.
    All the three models listed above have 1 A and 2.1 A current draw and also have OCP, OVP and OTP.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Below are some good but cheap Powerbanks for Moto G Phone

    1. Power Ace Power Bank PRP-5200B
    Warranty 12 Months
    Price : 599 on Snapdeal

    2. Power Ace Power Bank PRP-5200B
    Warranty 12 Months
    Price : 599 on Snapdeal

    3.Xiaomi Mi 20800 mAh Power Bank
    Warranty 12 Months
    Price : 990 on Shopclues

    4. Digitek Instant Power Bank For Moto G
    Warranty 12 Months
    Price : 1199 on Snapdeal

    5. Xtra 5000Mah Powerbank (portable)
    Warranty 12 Months
    Price : 1499 on Snapdeal

    Ask yourself that how much I use Powerbank. If you need to use Powerbank frequently go for more Mah because you will not need to charge your power bank again and again for multiple charging. Also check for Li-ion and Li-polymer as Li-polymer are expensive but you can satisfy you need with Li-ion battery also. Check for display. Some good Powerbamks has display which shows how much power is balanced and how much is used.

  • Hi,
    though others has mostly answered the major portions, I would like to add some more to what has been said till now about the points that are needed to be kept in mind while choosing a powerbank.
    1. Capacity: Most of the powerbanks usually claims a conversion rate of 80% or so but in actuality, major branded powerbanks happen to deliver around 70% of the power they retain. In simple words, if one is having a powerbank of capacity 5000 mAh(say), then it would be able to approximately deliver around 3500 mAh power. So, to answer your question, to have a rough approximation of what capacity powerbank you should choose, if you wish to charge your phone once, it should not be less than 3000 mAh (2100/.70).
    2. USB ports: Do you have any other devices to charge with, in that case mind the number of USB ports. Powerbanks come with multiple number of USB ports. So decide this as per your requirement.
    3. Input Rating: Always check the input current rating, whether it is 2A or 1A. This is the indication of how fast your powerbank is going to get self charged. I have found this nice infographics regarding this which I think worth shareable.

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