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  • Why Google plus taking extra time for page loading compared to other Social Networks

    Want to know the reasons for slow loading of Google Plus? Then stop by and have a look at what our experts say on this issue. Moreover, you can also find tips and tricks that can make your Google plus page load faster.

    I have observed that Google Plus is taking more time for page loading completely than other social networking sites. There is no issue in my net connectivity or 2G / 3G speed or loading but no idea why Google+ only has page speed issue compare to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

    May I know why Google plus taking this much time for page loading compared to other Social Networks. Kindly let me know any tips on 'setting' in chrome or whatever to come out from this issue.
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  • I think Google+ does not resize images while facebook resizes to small while showing them in the pages. It should be first reason for slow loading of images in Google+.

    Prabhat Jani

  • Some tips to reduce loading time.

    Do not open other page while opening Google plus.
    Submit refresh button after 20 or 25 seconds.
    Remove unnecessary plugins and widget from Chrome or Firefox.
    Remove cookies and temporary files.
    Always check your browser is updated.

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