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  • What is CPA Marketing? How does it work?

    Want to make money online? CPA marketing is the best option. Read this thread to know what exactly is meant by CPA marketing and how to make extra cash by promoting CPA offers.

    I am just little curious to know about CPA marketing. I searched online and watched couple of videos in which they ask for some bucks and in return they promised to teach and learn its tactics . One of my friend is also involved in CPA marketing and making money. I want to know the procedure and guidance from you people who have tried their hand in CPA Marketing. Is it really possible to get five figure US Dollar through CPA?
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  • CPA is a form of online marketing. The acronym stands for Cost Per Action. It is one of the best ways for the website owners to monetise their websites. As the name itself indicates, you get paid when a visitor clicks on your affiliate link on your website and performs an action. The actions include filling up a form, trying out some product, purchasing an item or just completing a questionnaire.
    How does CPA work?
    Once you enroll your site with a CPA network, you will get an affiliate link. When a visitor to your site clicks on an affiliate link, he is sent to a landing page where he fills out the offer. Once the visitor is done with completing the offer, you get paid.
    The offer mentioned above may include any of the following-
    • Filling out a form
    • Getting an estimate
    • registering on a particular service
    • Buying something
    • Accepting a free trial(of a product/service)

    How to get into CPA?
    You need to start by joining a CPA network. A CPA network is an agency that acts as an intermediary between a publisher and an advertiser. Each of these CPA networks have their own application process. Make sure you don't appear like a newbie.

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  • Details about CPA

    CPA stand for the "Cost Per Action". CPA helps to get us paid when someone clicks on our provided affiliate links and then completes the required action. Action here refers to:
    • Like filling out any form
    • Signing up for a free trial
    • Like buying anything from the provided affiliate links

    It is one of the great mean to earn passive income or (if you know the correct way of using them) you can earn a lot more than just required for healthy lifestyle . It is just like a online business as you are payed for the visitors on your provided affiliate links. You can also simply start it by joining the CPA network.


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  • What is CPA ?
    CPA full form is Cost Per Action. It is also know as PPA (Pay Per Action). CPA is advertising program where advertiser of product pay to the user for performing an offered task for the product. This task can be anything like Registration to product, Sign up for Newsletter or Contacting to Advertiser.

    How CPA Works ?

    For example : If you are making accounting software which is new in market and you want to make people know what is your software and what are the features of your new accounting software. You can opt for CPA.

    You put advertisement on some websites or in Google Adwords. After you put advertisement people will see this advertisement on related pages. Now as per your offer user will able to download trial version, will see features of your software or fill up form and contact you to know about the product.

    Now Advertisement providing companies will charge you a specific amount for the users who has downloaded trial version or showing features or to contact you.

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