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  • Best flip covers for Moto E (2nd Generation)

    Looking for unique flip covers for your 2nd generation Moto E smart phone? This Ask Expert page will help you select the best ones.

    I would like to know the best flip covers available online for Moto E (2nd Generation) smartphone. Please mention the brand name, specifications and prices.
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  • You will get best deal for Moto G 2nd generation flip cover and case at website. It will give you best comparison between similar products at various website.

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  • Here is a list of flipcovers for Moto E-
    1. Bizarre Kraftz Flip Cover for Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen)
    Made of artificial leather, the cover is available in black shade. It is priced at Rs. 499 on Flipkart.
    2. Easy2Sync Flip Cover for Moto E2 (2nd Gen)
    Made up of artificial leather and plastic, this cover is available on Flipkart at Rs. 112. The cover is in black.
    3. Chevron Flip Cover for Moto E (2nd Gen)
    The cover is available with 4 corner protection. Color availability is black. Priced at Rs. 299 (+ Rs.50 for shipping) on Amazon, you will get Micro OTG cable along with this flipcover.

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  • Please check the best flip covers for Moto E (2nd Generation) below.

    1.Belmark Flip Cover
    Price : 187 Rs Free Delivery
    Made from : Synthetic

    2.Evoque Flip Cover
    Price : 267 Rs Free Delivery
    Made from : Synthetic

    3.Ncase Flip Covers
    Price : 375 Rs Free Delivery
    Made from : Synthetic

    4.TBZ Black Flip Cover
    Price : 299 Rs Free Delivery
    Made from : Synthetic

    5.Casotec Premium Flip Case
    Price : 349 Rs Free Delivery
    Made from : Synthetic

    6.Easy2sync Flip Cover
    Price : 699 Rs Free Delivery
    Made from : Silicon Soft Cases

    7.Belmark Flip Cover
    Price : 215 Rs + 30Rs Delivery Charges
    Made from : Synthetic

    All these covers are available on Snapdeal

  • Below are the best Flip Covers and Cases for Moto E.

    Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case : Its price is 399 Rupees at
    Incipio DualPro Case : This cover is available for $19.33 at
    TUDIA Ultra Slim LITE TPU Bumper Protective Case : It is available for $6.00 on
    Exact Motorola Moto E Case with Kickstand : This case is available for $9.95 on
    Ringke Max Armor Case : Its price is $16.99 at Amazon.
    Poetic FlipBook Case : The price of this case on Amazon is $12.95.
    Onx3 Flip Case : This case is available for $6.00 on Amazon.
    Skinomi TechSkin Case : Its price is $15.
    Terrapin Wallet Case : Its price is $7.95.
    Amzer Flip Case : It price on Flipkart is 249 Rupees.

  • Moto E (2nd generation) is an excellent smartphone. One of my friends has already bought this phone and is extremely satisfied with its performance. Indeed it's a very good budget smartphone. You have already made a wise choice by going for this phone.

    Going to the main question asked by you, there are many flip covers available online as well as offline. You can check out traditional shops in your city and check the price.

    My suggestion would be to buy the flip covers online. I would suggest you to buy from either Flipkart or Amazon as they are having a good collection at an extremely affordable price.

    Below are the links to the best flip covers for Moto E (2nd generation):

    Flip covers for Moto E (2nd generation) on Flipkart
    Flip covers for Moto E (2nd generation) on

  • I am here to make you aware regarding some of the best flip covers for your Moto E (2nd Generation) smartphone. Go through the details given below to know them.

    1. Easy2sync Flip Cover
    Easy2sync Flip Cover is made from the Silicon Soft Cases and is available to buy in the price tag of Rs. 700.

    2. Ringke Max Armor Case
    You can get this product from varois online mega stores at the price tag of around Rs. 1K.

    3. Ncase Flip Cover
    You can buy this product from various online mega stores at the price tag of Rs. 375.

    These were some of the suggestions from my side. You can buy any of the three mentioned above as they all are good for your smartphone and will serve with best quality.


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  • I have Searched all online and i think , i got the Lowest Price at and Free Shipping . You can use coupon - FLAT10 to get extra 10% Off (No minimum purchase).

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