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    How can we know the IP address of a particular post and the place of the system's operation?

    Need to know the IP of a specific post and its location? Learn from our experts how to find this out.

    We can check the IP address of our own system by Google search or going through the command prompt. Someone wanted to know the details of a particular post in a website, then IP address plays an important role and particularly in vigilance angle. For example, a missing chopper which lost contact with ATC could be located based on the last SMS signal of a Mobile of the co-passenger. Thus it would help to locate fake mailers and cyber thieves.

    So, how can we know the IP address of a particular post and the place of system of its operation?
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  • You can use statcounter or Google Analytics for this purpose. But you need to have the webmaster control of the site. Because without having webmaster control, you cannot put the statcounter's tracking code in the site.

  • This is only possible if the post is not posted on your own blog or website. You can only do this if the post is posted on your blog or website. You can do this with Webmaster tools, Statcounter plugin of Wordpress and same with the blogger.

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