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  • Does Samsung Z1 smartphone supports OTG Cable ?

    Read this thread to know whether Samsung Z1 smartphone operating on Tizen operating system supports OTG cable or not.

    Samsung has recently released its first Tizen OS running smartphone namely Samsung Z1 smartphone. I want to know, whether it supports On-The-Go (OTG) cable or not ? Can I connect pen drive to Samsung Z1 and use it as a USB host ? Experts please come up with the answer.
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  • Unfortunately, the Samsung Tizen Z1 has no support for OTG. Maybe it will be introduced via software update later but it is not known as of now whether the hardware support exists or not.

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  • No. Samsung Z1 doesn't support OTG cable.


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  • No. Samsung Z1 smartphone does not supports OTG cable.

  • I am sorry to point it out to the second response of this query that having a micro USB port does not mean the device has OTG support. Micro USB port is used for a wide range of operations and functions like USB charging or for viewing the contents of the device on a PC or laptop. OTG is a term used for the function of viewing contents of external drive on your device. The device in question has NO support for OTG.

    Update:- Since the member has changed his response, I editors to take note that response will not be treated as invalid. The second response was changed after this response.

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