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  • Free data recovery software

    Worried about losing important data on your Windows 7 computer? Know the best data recovery software for Windows 7 from our experts.

    I lost my very important data on my computer which is being operated on Windows 7 system. I downloaded some data recovery software but, they did not work well. They were asking for some key. I do not have any key or license to activate it. Can anyone solve my problem of recovering my lost data?
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  • I would like to suggest you to use the software which are given below:

    Recuva:- It is considered as the best software available for the recovery of data. It is very easy to use and comes packed with many optional advanced features as well. It can be used to recover the files from hard drives, external drives such as USB drives, etc., BD/DVD/CD discs and from memory cards. Even it can be used to undelete files from your iPod.

    Puran File Recovery:- It is also one of the best software available for recovering your files. It is also very easy to use so I would like to suggest you to use this.

    Pandora Recovery:- It is one of the free recovery software available to use. It features a "Surface Scan" which is used to recover more and more files.

    These were some of the software from my side. You can use any of them for recovering your files as they all are easy to use and one of the best software available for that work. I would like to suggest you to download them with their full version and if possible than with their keys.


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  • Some of the good data recovery software are -
    1. Recuva -It is the best data recovery software available. Easy to use and with many advanced features as well. Recuva can recover files from hard drives, external drives (USB drives, etc.), BD/DVD/CD discs, and memory cards. All windows versions are supported.
    2. PURAN file recovery- This is one of the better options for the file recovery. It can even recover lost partitions..
    3.Disk Drill - It is very simple in design. The website states that it can recover practically any data. It has advanced features like partition recovery, stop/resume scan, backing up an entire drive etc.
    4. Pandora recovery- It is a simple data recovery tool with many advanced features. "Surface scan" is one of them which recovers more files than a standard search. It supports most of the windows versions.
    5. Wise data recovery - It is one of the quickest performing tool. It has an instant search function that helps search and undelete files quite quickly. It also has a recoverability option that lists the likelihood of a file getting recovered- as Good, Poor, Very Poor and Lost.
    6. Restoration - This one is very simple in recovering files. It is too small in size and does not need to be installed on your hard drive. It can be run from floppy disk or USB drive. Moreover it has no complicated recovery procedure.
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  • I strongly recommend you to use iCare Data Recovery App. It is available for many devices such as PC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry. It has a very good recovery rate.

  • If you want to know about the best data recovery software which is free of cost.The best one is given below:

    BackupLife:- Automatic backup software which can recover up to 10GB Free for automatic online backup of your computer.

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