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    How to make a village WiFi enabled?

    Eager to make your entire town or village WiFi enabled? Know the right hardware and other installation requirements to achieve this.

    I want to make my village Wi-Fi enabled. Suggest me for required hardware and installation. How to get started on making the complete village/city Wi-Fi enabled?
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  • It is based on the size of your village (area-wise) if your village is small it would cost a bit less and if your village is very large it would be very expensive. It is a good idea but for this you would need too much amount of money as it can be a very expensive work. You will need the following things for making your village fully Wi-Fi enabled -

    1. A Router:- You should buy a very good router with a long range which should cover your whole village area. Router cost is based on the amount of area it covers if it will cover a large area it will be more expensive.

    2. A Modem:- You will need to buy a modem which has very fast network connectivity. As there might be many people who would use your Wi-Fi network so you will have to get a modem with a very fast speed.

    Now it's easy just connects the router to the modem and they are will be Wi-Fi enabled. It is your wish that you want to have any password on it or you want to leave it open for all.

    Note:- According to me it will cost very high so try collecting some donations with your friends living in the village or from your family members and neighbor's.

  • As per my knowledge, it is too costly and would require a large scale operations. Bringing a certain limited area under WiFi would be understandable, but doing it for the whole village is what only a business house can do.
    If, in fact, you plan to set up a business model, it would be better to consult an expert in the concerned field. Undertake a feasibility study, weigh the pros and cons of such an exercise and then decide whether you want to proceed.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • As Himanshu mentioned above you need to get a good quality rooter and a modem to make your village WiFi enabled, but its a expensive task to do. But I would like to suggest you what Timmappa mentioned above that you must consult a expert in that field so as he/she can help you to do so and also it will be a better idea.


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  • You are idea is really awesome but you have to invest a large amount of Money in this project and I bet that you can earn more then it. Because if you give unlimited internet access with speed of 60 kbps per user for Rs. 500 then I am sure that most of the people will go for it and if you have population of even 2000 in the village then you can easily approx. 10 Lakhs per month and in first you will get a high profit margin besides your setup cost.

    You may listened this quote :- "Invest More Earn More"

    You have to get premium Hardware. Cost will vary on some basis.

    1. Internet Connection :- You have not to get a good internet connection you have to get an awesome internet connection so that you can easily distribute sufficient speed among people. Approx Cost Per month 20,000 if you go for premium connection.

    2. Router :- WiFi works best in open area and most of the villages are open because there are no tall buildings. So, this is not going to cost more. Approx. cost 50,000. If your village is not open you have alternate option. You can get 4 or 5 router and setup them at edges of the village so that they are easily visible from every house of the village and connect them to one server which is connected to main modem. This is going to cost more but will give you huge profit. Approx cost for this 4-5 Lakhs.

    4. Get some networking and software experts :- Get some experts and let them setup hardware for you they will ensure that your system don't have any vulnerability and no unauthorized person have to access to internet.

    At last i would say expert only wins so find some experts and hookup with them if you are really going to do this.

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  • There is a better solution for wifi enabled village.
    You will need the following:
    1) a Ubiquiti bullet for router purpose
    2) Omni 20dbi for antenna purpose ( to broadcast signals 5 to 10 miles )
    3) LAN cable (cat 6 )

    Connect your cable connection to Ubiquiti bullet using ppoe mode and connect an omni antenna to Ubiquiti bullet and place the whole setup at a height of 30 meter .

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