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  • Free fastest web browser

    Need to use the quickest browser? Get feedback and suggestions from the responses below to know the best free speedy browser.

    I want to know that which web browser is easy and fast to use. So please suggest me the best and fastest web browsers known to you.

    Thank you!
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  • There are many web browsers on different sites but the best browsers which I have personally used and I think are very fast for slow internet connections or fast internet connection are as under:

    Fastest browsers for PC are as under:-

    1. Mozilla Firefox:- It is one of the best browsers I have ever used. It is one of the fastest web browser and not very complex to use. It has all the features such as setting proxy, blocking ads and supports all latest versions of extensions such as IDM (Internet Download Manager). I am personally using this browser and I have found that it is the fastest and efficient than all the other browsers available on Internet.

    2. Google Chrome:- I have also used Google chrome several times but I found that it is a bit slow on slow networks such as 2g internet connections. But it works well with 3g connections and broadband connections as well. It also has all the features as other browsers and has a user friendly menu which means you can browse easily.

    For Mobile Phones-

    1. UC Browser:- It is one of the best browsers for Android and Symbian phones as well. It is very fast for downloading big files but it consumes a bit more data while browsing.

    2. Opera Mini:- It is also a very good browser but with some less features that UC browser. It consumes very less amount of data while browsing. But the main problem with this browser is that it is not very good for downloading big files as it doesn't shows any downloading speed and how much data is downloaded.

    Hope this would help you to choose one of the best browsers for your network.

  • I would definitely opt for Chrome. What should matter is being reliable and good in terms of functionality than just being faster. Chrome fulfills all my needs better than any other browser.

    As for mobiles, Opera Mini is the best one than Chrome in terms of speed. But, there are certain websites that will not be functioning properly on opera Mini.

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  • As you have not mentioned about your operating system so I would like to suggest you with the best browsers for your computer/laptops and smartphones. I will suggest you with those browsers which are considered to be best according to me. And here I go.

    Best browsers for your Computer/Laptops:-
    Mostly I use Opera and Mozilla Firefox in my computer.

    Opera:- It is used by most of the people in India, it is used both in the computer/laptops as well as in the smartphones. Even it comes pre-installed in many of the smartphones. Mostly I use this browser for all of my work on Internet but as some websites fails to load in my computer so I use Mozilla Firefox for them. You can get it for free from web.

    Mozilla Firefox:- It is also a free browser which is developed for Windows, Linux, with a mobile version for Android. As I told you above that it opens every website for me so I like to use it for those websites which can't be opened in my PC via Opera.

    Best for your smartphones:- I like to use UC Browser, Opera Mini and the default browser of my phones in my smartphones.


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  • For Smartphones and Mobiles :
    1. UC Browser - This is for sure, the fastest browser for mobile devices. It comes in two versions namely; UC Browser Mini and UC Browser HD. You should definitely give it a try.
    2. Opera Mini - This is the oldest web browser in the Mobile market. In past, it was very popular browser. But now, it has lost its huge market share. It has a feature called Turbo mode which makes web browsing very faster.
    For PC :
    1. Mozilla Firefox.
    2. Google Chrome.

  • So far based on most of the tests, the chrome and Vivaldi are the only browsers that turned out to be good for the speed. If you are thinking about the system load, then chrome and opera mini are another two browsers which are good. Firefox is good, free and open source but it slows down the computer due to load. If you plan to switch the browsers, then stick with the opera and Chrome.

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