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    How to solve Status 7 error

    Fed up of Status 7 error when installing third party firmware on your Android smartphone? Get quick troubleshooting tips right here to deal with this problem.

    While trying to install a third party firmware on my Android smartphone, I keep getting a 'Status 7' Installation aborted error. The installation process does not go any further and I am unable to install this custom ROM on my phone. Can someone tell me how to go around this error and successfully install the custom ROMs?
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    Status 7 error is caused when you are trying to install a custom ROM that is NOT intended for your device model. This is a safety mechanism that is used to save your phone from getting bricked. This also called "Asserts" mechanism.
    But, sometimes it so happens that even if you are using the custom ROM meant for your device itself, the error may pop up. This can happen predominantly in such cases where the developer of the ROM has an inadvertent error in the update script.
    This issue can be fixed by changing your recovery system from CWM to TWRP. Or try by updating your CWM recovery.
    If the issue still persists, there is a way to solve it by editing the update script. But, since it could be risky if you are not familiar with the computer programs, I think it is beyond the purview of this query.

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    I am here to provide you with the information on how to solve Status 7 error. Given below are the details regarding it. So read them carefully.

    How To Solve Status 7 Error

    Try to update the current recovery using ROM manager as in many of the cases updating it solves such problems. But if your are not able to get the success by it, so follow the second method which is given below:

    • First step is to extract your ROM.
    • Then go to the folder META_INF>>COM>>GOOGLE>>ANDROID.
    • This the path where you will find a file "update-script".
    • Now you need to rename it as updater-script.doc, use the notepad++ preferably.
    • Now double click on it so as to open it.
    • Now delete the text which starts from "assert, till semicolon of the last getprop command.
    • Now you need to save the file.
    • Now again rename the file and then delete the .doc extension.
    • Then go back to the main ROM folder where you had extracted three files, .zip those files again and then you will get a zipped ROM.
    • Now the last step is to install the newly zipped file.

    If you had followed each and every step carefully then you may be able to fix the problem.


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    It is too risky to try the option given above unless you have sound knowledge of programming language. If something goes wrong, you may end up with a device that is totally irreparable. Editing scripts is not anyone's task. Those sites which provide such tutorials do not take responsibility for anything gone wrong. And that is the reason I mentioned it in my above response, but did not elaborate.
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    So if in that case you must go to an expert for the best solution of your question. As it will be very difficult for a common man to overcome the problem which you mentioned in your question. And if you still wants to follow the steps then follow them carefully.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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