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  • How to improve CPC and CTR for Adsense

    Not getting good CPC and CTR for Adsense? Get useful tips from our SEO experts to know how to increase CPC and CTR for Adsense.

    I am contributing on few sites where I get only 0.05 CPC max and CTR is too low. Also, I used to get enough traffic few years back and it is slow down now despite better contribution at present compare to years back.

    How to improve our post for better CPC and CTR for Adsense? Is the region playing an important role such as US traffic, Europe traffic, Australia and New Zealand visitors / traffic? Kindly advice for reaching better Cost per click from posts. Any tips?
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  • Here are the tips to increase Adsense CPC and earnings:
    1. Use banner ads.
    2. Try to drive traffic from countries like USA, New Zealand and Britain.
    3. Use SEMRush or Google Adwords Planner to find high quality keywords.
    4. I recommend you to go through the link I have mentioned above to find more practical and quality tips by an Adsense expert.

  • Though I do not specialize in SEO or related things, Let me list out what I have learnt thru this site:-

    1. Have a good topic.
    Concentrate on a topic that has high CTC value. Some of the trending topics are website marketing, finance and gaming. Education and entertainment also figure among such but to a lower extent.

    2. Create compelling Ads.
    Focus on customer needs. Make sure that the keywords are searchable in Google.

    3. Content.
    This is the foremost thing in getting good traffic. "Content is the King", as they say.

    4. Create a good landing page.
    It is the first page that the visitor notices when he visits your website. Like the saying goes, " First Impression in The Best Impression" - the landing page should be such that it compels your visitors to come back to you.

    5. Location of visitors.
    A visit from US gives you more CPC than the ones from Asian regions. Device ways to attract a good deal of visitors from the US locations.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I am here to suggest some ways from my side on how to improve CPC and CTR for Adsense. Go through the details given below to know them.

    How to improve CPC and CTR for Adsense:

    • Select a great niche for your blogs or websites.
    • Make compelling ads which attracts the visitors for a must click.
    • Always write highly relevant and compelling content on your websites.
    • Visitors locations matters the most, so try to make visitors from the highly developed countries like US, Britain and many more.
    • Must use banner ads.

    These were some of the guidelines from my side.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • As far as your question is concerned, there are ways to increase the CPC and CTR but I do not believe in it. I have never tried to do so. One's aim should be writing good and creative content which has high demand. This will automatically catch the advertiser and force them to pay high CPC.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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