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    Recovering two year old deleted data from Android phones

    Eager to access old data from your Android smartphone which was deleted two years ago? Get step by step guidance from our experts to know how to recover such data.

    I want to recover previously deleted photos and Whatsapp chats from my Samsung Galaxy S2. I tried using Android Data Recovery Software and it only recovers lost data that is seven years old. I need a way to recover these photos and chat messages from 2013. How can I do this?
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  • There two options for you to try recovering the deleted files:-

    If your phone is not rooted

    1.Connect your smartphone to your PC via USB. I would recommend connecting your microSD card via SD card adapter or memory card reader.
    2. Download Recuva. You may also use Coolmuster or Wondershare Dr. Fone .
    3. Run Recuva. Select the type of file you want to restore - videos, images or documents. You also have the option to select specific location from which you want to recover the files from.
    4. Follow the prompts to complete the recovery.
    5. Once recovered, the files should be saved on your PC to avoid conflicts. Check them and then save them on your device.

    If your device is rooted

    1. Download Undelete. You can download it from
    2. Select the storage device from which you want to undelete the files
    3. Scan the selected device. Scanning will take 2 to 10 minutes depending on your memory size.
    4. You will be presented with the list of retrievable files under different tabs.
    5. Select the one you want to recover.
    6. One recovered, the files return to the position they were deleted from.
    Important Note:-
    Please note that the file recovery programs need the format to be FAT 32 or NTFS. If your system is not recognized, copy all the contents from the memory card to your PC and format the card to FAT32 or NTFS. Then copy the files back to your memory card.

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  • I am here to update you on how to retrieve deleted texts on Android smartphones. Go through the details given below to know the process to do so:

    Text Message Recovery on Android Phones

    • First step is to stop saving the data on your Android device as soon as you want to recover the deleted text messages.
    • Download a Android recovery software or application on your computer: You can do so by going to and then search for the "Android data recovery"
    • Enable the USB debugging: You can do so by clicking to the settings then look in to the applications or developer tools.
    • Find the USB debugging option: Then click on it to enable the feature.
    • Now plug your Android smartphone into the USB cord and then connect the cord to your computer.
    • Now open the Android recovery data recovery program.
    • Now you need to click on the start or scan buttons so as the software can search for the data on your Android smartphone.
    • Now you need to look in the messages section so as to get your deleted texts.
    • Now click on the deleted text which you want to be recovered and then wait for the process to complete.
    • Now the last step is to eject your Android smartphone from your computer.

    Please follow each and every step carefully.


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  • I'm sorry to say that you can hardly recover the data deleted two years ago, as they must have be overwritten by new data. The overwritten data can't be recovered by any Android data recovery tool. Otherwise, you need to root your device to get back deleted data from Android phone.
    I find this on google:

  • It is not possible as the smartphones are having limited internal storage space and users keeps adding and deleting data every day. In the process of adding and deleting data on internal memory of your phone, the old data segments are getting overwritten every time and hence, you can not recovery oldest data that is deleted from your Android smartphone. Also, if you have reset your android handset by using factory reset option during last two-three years then also, you can not recover deleted data from your phone.

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