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  • Details about window registry

    Puzzled about the concept of Windows Registry? Understand the concept and its benefits from this Ask Expert page.

    I want to know about something Windows registry. What is it? How is it beneficial for our system?
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  • What Is Windows registry?
    Windows Registry - which is also referred to as "the registry" is a collection of configuration settings database. It can be treated as the backbone of a Windows operating system. It consists of all the settings for user preferences , hardware devices and settings, operating system configurations and much more.
    How To Access Windows Registry?
    The registry is accessed using Registry Editor. You can make changes to the registry entries corresponding to the area of your concern.

    I would suggest you not to interfere with registry entries unless you are an advanced user with a sound knowledge of computer software.

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  • Registry Editor is a set of configurations of the Windows operating systems as said in the previous answer. Whenever you install an application in the Windows OS, some values are stored in the registry. The values include details like registration information, settings of the application, etc.

    You can enable advanced options in Windows using the Windows Registry like hiding a drive, changing the text in start menu (in Windows XP), displaying a message on startup, hiding a user account and a lot more other cool stuff.

    To start Windows Registry go to Run and type in regedit. You can set up new values as well in the appropriate location in the Windows Registry. Some changes need the computer to be restarted.

    I just want to caution that if you are a beginner, it can be dangerous if any important key or value in the registry is changed. So, before working with the Registry Editor, research about the specific value.

  • Many a times, we have heard of this term. Windows Registry. We often see errors that have occurred in the windows Registry. Windows registry actually is the place where all information about the various hardware and software installed on your system is stored.
    We keep on installing various software and hardware on our PC. Where is all this information about the configuration stored. Its on the Windows Registry. This directory saves all info regarding configuration of hardware such as CD ROM drive, your USB drives, the Modem, the hard drive etc. as well as the software such as device drivers, your antivirus software, your mail messenger etc. Now there are many instances of a corrupt registry. This may occur due to frequent installation and removing of hardware or software from your PC. What happens is that holes are created in the registry when a software is uninstalled. These holes act maliciously and corrupt the registry resulting in errors and degraded performance of the PC. Frequent attacks by viruses also cause the registry entries to malfunction. A good antivirus software that has been updated recently will help you locate such viruses. Also, a malfunctioning hard drive may cause registry errors. For example , a hard drive that is badly fragmented may start reporting false registry entries.
    To cope up with these problems which may degrade the smooth performance of your PC or may cause it shut down without notice, can be fixed by free software available on the net free of cost. Simple download a free registry cleaner and clean up your registry entries or fix any registry errors.

  • I am here to tell you about some of the details related to Windows Registry. Go through the details given below to know about it.

    What is Windows Registry?
    Windows Registry refers to a collection of databases of configuration settings in the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

    Uses of Windows Registry?
    It is used for many work. It is used to store a lot of information and settings for the software programs, hardware devices, operating system configurations, user preferences and many more.


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