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  • Which are the top PDF security softwares available for eBook security?

    Want to know the top PDF security softwares for eBook security? Then read this post to know all the best PDF security softwares to keep your PDF files safe and secure.

    Online document security is a major concern for companies and businesses these days. Lots of confidential information is maintained in PDF documents and even quality eBooks are published online. PDF security software tool can help to keep these PDF documents secure. Which are the best or popular PDF security softwares available? Any good security software companies that regularly come up with document security tools? Please share relevant information.
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  • There are some software available for download and use as your PDF file protector. Please check the list below with some small description.

    PDF Security OwnerGuard
    This software has ability to lock your PDF documents on your individual computer. You have ability to protect DRM with this software.

    Lock Lizard
    This software protect your PDF file from copying. No one can take printout with the help of this software. Locklizard stops modification and screenshot of your PDF file.

  • The two most popular file locking softwares are drumlinsecurity and locklizard. These two softwares can make the pdf exclusive to certain computer or IP address. This way, sharing of the PDF via torrent or the piracy is avoided. In order to get better grip on the piracy, some of the ebook hosting sites are now printing the name of the person and email to identity the ebook file. This way not many legit people share the pdf and piracy is restricted to some extent. I suggest checking out LockLizard if you want PDF security.

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