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    LG G2 D800 mobile network signal strength problem

    Want to know why you are facing low network strength problem in LG G2 D800 mobile? Then read this ask experts thread to know the solutions to the signal strength problem in LG G2 D800 mobile.

    I have unlocked LG G2 D800 (At&t) mobile & I am using it in Himachal Pradesh India. But I am facing Low network strength problem where as other mobiles are working fine at same area.
    As per mobile specification, it is quad band mobile and can work in all four GSM frequency.
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  • Signal Strength Problem is Common issue but as you said that other mobile on same network are getting good signal strength than it is a problem of your device. But sometime it happens that one mobile get coverage and other mobile don't get coverage but it is solved automatically after some time. As you said your device is LG G2 D800, so you have to check signal of same device if your friend or family member have. But below are some solutions you can perform with your device to solve the issue.

    1. Update your operating System.
    2. Update your firmware.
    3. Uninstall Latest App You have installed
    4. Check out the ROM installed in your handset.
    5. Notice the places where you get good signal Strength.
    6. Check by replacing other network SIM

    If none of above work please take your device to authorized service station.

  • If there is signal strength problem in LG G2 D800 mobile network than you can solve this problem by the following ways like:

    1.You can uninstall the apps which are not in use.

    2.You can update your smartphone.

    3.If these ways do not work than you can change your SIM card whose network is good in your area.

    If all the ways given above do not work than you can go to service center of LG company and can tell your problem to them.They will help you to solve this problem.

  • Everybody wants good network signal in their area and nowadays its very difficult to get good network signal in India. Whereas in other countries you can easily get good network, even more than good. The downloading speed in other countries varies from 5 MB/sec and more.

    Sometimes it is due to the obstacles like glass, buildings and many more. So if you want a good network signal than you must follow the methods given below:

    • You must go to an open area like the top of your house to get a good signal.
    • You must buy that SIM which has good network signal in your area.
    • Update your device.
    • Root your device.
    • Un-install those application which are not used by you.

    These were some methods you must follow to get a good network signal in your area.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • The problem you are facing is faced by most of the people I have checked many other forums and found that most of the people which have this phone are facing this problem. The problem has been detected by LG and will be corrected in the upcoming manufactured phones. You can try the following steps to solve this problem:-

    1. Try changing you ROM:- Go to the sites such XDA developers and download any new or well working ROM for your phone. Try changing from one ROM to another and choose which one will be best for you and provide you best network strength.

    2. Uninstall some apps:- If you have any apps which would create problem in your network or any apps like network booster uninstall them and restart your phone. You might get good network strength.

    3. Change the SIM:- Try changing the SIM of your phone it might be possible that the SIM you are using is not having good network strength in the area you are living.

    Try these tips it might make your network strength good and you will get rid of this problem and browse internet and make calls easily without any problems.

  • I am also facing same problem, if any solution please help

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