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  • Want to buy PCB for my Micromax Canvas Doodle A111. Which should I choose?

    Want to buy PCB or motherboard for Micromax Canvas Doodle A111? Then read this ask expert thread to know all the best PCB and motherboards available for Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 online.

    I bought a Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 about an year ago which uses Qualcomm MSM8225Q chipset. It went through a motherboard breakdown due to some unknown reasons. Now I want to restore it back to normal and consulted a technician about the same. The technician says it needs a new PCB board or Motherboard as we call it for the repairing purpose.

    The company repair is costing me a very considerable amount and thus I want to get it repaired by technician. So, I want to buy the PCB board online and want information about the same that which one should I buy and will it support my device or not. Some additional information about the matter will be highly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Rather than searching for a PCB elsewhere, it would be advisable to contact authorised service centre. The reason for this suggestion is that you may not get the original PCB. Using unauthorised parts can be detrimental to your device.
    If the PCB you order from any online store does not work with your device, the technician will not take responsibility. In the end, you may have to incur more expenses than getting it done at the authorised service centre. Or better still, ask the technician himself to arrange the same on his responsibility.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I hope you have also heard from your technician that he will not take any responsibility after opening the handset. Most of the mobile repairer put notice on there shops that after opening handset if it is unable to function they will not take any responsibility.

    So it is advice-able to go with authorized service station of Micromax. Ity is true that you will be charged double than your local mobile repairer. But you will get your handset in working condition with original motherboard.

    Advantage Of Repairing your Phone In Authorize Service Center.
    Your device is in hand of professional and trained persons.
    They are trained specially for particular company.
    They know about each and every update of the company.
    They use original and genuine parts which your handset needs.
    Get warranty on replaced parts.
    They uses specified tools for each model and perform the repairing works scientifically.

    So instead of searching motherboard for your handset it is better to contact Micromax Service Center .

    Or if you like you can search olx or quikr for motherboard or for new one buy it from Micromax directly.

  • But Sir I already mentioned that getting it repaired from the service centre is proving to be too much costly for me. So, i'm in a condition to face the risk rather than getting it repaired from the company. The service centre is asking for Rs. 5,500 for the replacement which is approximately 70% of the price of the new phone itself. So, please give me some information which helps me to buy a new one sir. Eagerly waiting for your responses!

  • In that case, please confirm from the technician himself to arrange for the component at his own risk. So if the component he gets does not fit , he can use it elsewhere, thus you will not have to bear the cost. As you yourself said, if the cost of repair amounts more than half the price of the new handset, why not dump it and go for a new one?

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Thank you sir. I'll think about it and then decide the rest. Thanks a lot.

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