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  • How does the new insurance bill affect stock market?

    Want to know the impact of insurance bill on the stock market? Want to know the best companies to invest money? Read this thread to know complete details.

    Yesterday, insurance bill was passed which permits 49% investment from FDI. How does it affect the stock market as a whole? Particularly, which company's shares are going to be affected? What is the right time to buy those shares? Please give a list for all those companies.
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  • In fact, shares of insurance companies are already jumping on passage of the Insurance bill in Rajyasabha. Max India and Reliance capital seem to be most affected shares. Max India has 80% of its business in life insurance sector while Reliance 39% of its total value in life insurance. There is an assessment of a possible 2 Million USD transactions likely, majority of them going to HDFC standard life, ICICI Prudential and Max Life.

    In the current scenario, it looks like Max India, HDFC and Reliance capital are better options.

    Live....and Let Live!

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