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  • Features and bugs in Windows 10

    Wondering what are the special features of Windows 10 and whether it has any possible bugs? Know more about Windows 10 OS and what special differences it has with Windows 8 OS.

    I have the following queries with relation to Windows 10 OS:
    1. What new feature is included in Windows 10?
    2. Is it now available for regular use or is still in the experimental stage? If not yet available, then when can we expect it to be available for all?
    3. Is there any bug in Windows 10? If yes, then when the bug will get resolved?
    4. If one compares Windows 8 with Windows 10 then are there any major or minor changes between the two OS?
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  • Yes, Windows 10 OS has some unique features as well as few bugs which reported recently from few sources. However, Win 10 will be one of the successful OS for latest gadget users. You may check the following articles to know more detail about Features and bugs in Windows 10 Operating Systems.

    Ref: 1.

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  • Its right to say that it has many features including familiar features and many small improvements are also done. Some of the features are given below:
    • Full-sized Background Image for Start: Its a great features added in it which gives a great look as you can add a full-sized image on the start screen.

    • More Quick Actions in the Action center: The number of quick actions has been increased now for you. The Windows 8.1 phones has only four programmable quick action but with this Window 10 you also get an expanded view that can have up to 3 rows for you.

    • Interactive Notifications: Its a great feature added and I liked it the most. You can make your device to perform action on your command like you can speak to text rather than typing, you can make your device to set an alarm by your command and many more.

    • Significantly enhanced speech to text capability: You just need to speak your words and then you will get with the punctuation automatically.

    • More powerful Photos App: It is also one of the great features in it.

    These were some of the features of Windows 10 for phones.


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