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    Problem with Micromax Yu Yureka battery

    Having problems with the battery of your Micromax Yu Yureka smartphone? Get quick troubleshooting tips from our experts on how to resolve the problem.

    I bought a Micromax Yureka smartphone about 10 days ago. After that, the battery got discharged after just 3 hours. So now I am in trouble and don't know what to do. Can anyone guide me on what is to be done?
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  • It could be a battery issue. The battery could be faulty. Visit your nearest Micromax service center and ask for replacement of the battery.
    Please note that the accessories (which include battery, headsets and charger) have a warranty period of six months from the date of purchase.

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  • There is no such complains on internet as I searched on Google yahoo and bing. So i request you to check the app you are running. Games like Candycrush and Teenpatti are great grabber of battery.

    If you are not using such apps and facing problem you might visit nearest service center. It is also possible that you have got defective piece. As you said in your question that it is only 10 days old, you must visit Micromax center and replace the battery or whole piece as your smartphone is in full warranty.

  • If you are having any problem with Micromax Yu Yureka battery then see that if your accessories are having warranty period of six months from the date of purchase.
    Then you can replace it with the new one; if not in warranty period then you can buy a new one from any shop.
    Still if problem is not solved then your smartphone probably have some problem and not the battery.

  • There is no such problem found with Micromax Yu Yureka. The main problem with its battery is that it heats up while playing high graphic demanding games. So you must go to the nearest Micromax care center so as to get solution for your problem.


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