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  • How to solve Android OS issues?

    Having a ton of problems with the Android OS of your smartphone? Get quick help from our software experts to know how to deal with these problems.

    My Android device has OS and application issues. I restored it to 'Factory setting' but still gives problem like Google Play store and Play service not working. I downloaded them but they are neither installing or working. I am unable to use other existing apps through net connectivity. How to solve this issue by overriding same Android OS to my smartphone?

    Is there any other way to troubleshoot and solve Android operating system issues? How to repair Android OS? How to download Android OS and install it in my phone? Kindly guide.
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  • Probably your android system files are corrupted. Unfortunately there is no way to completely re-install android OS. Only thing you can do is to, factory reset your phone. But since you mentioned that you have already done that, there is probably nothing much left to do.
    Give it one more try. List out all the applications that are troubling you. Go to application manager via settings menu and select the app you want to get right. On the App info screen, tap on Clear data and Clear cache options. Repeat this for all the apps troubling you. Reboot your phone once done. Hopefully your apps will begin working properly.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If you are facing issue only with Google services like Play Store, Chrome browser, Google Maps etc you need to flash a zip file called Gapps. Any Google apps that you install from third party sites won't work. It is from Android Jelly Bean version Google had made this restriction.

    This problem occurred to me when I installed a custom ROM (Cyanagenmod) for Redmi 1S. I was not able to install any apps related to Google. Then I found that Gapps zip file will fix the issue. Fortunately it got fixed for me.

    To be in safer side search in Google for gapps. You will surely find the file. To install your phone need to be rooted.

    How to flash Gapps Zip file

    1. Download and place the Gapps zip file in your external memory card. Place it in main folder of memory card. Then turn off your phone.
    2. To flash this Gapps you need to start your phone in recovery mode. Each phone has their own key combination to start recovery mode. For me it is Volume UP + Home Button. You need to turn off your phone and then press this key combination to start recovery mode.
    3. You will get a weird screen with black background and colored text. In this screen your touch won't work so don't panic. You need to use the volume up and volume down keys to navigate. You can see a option called "Install zip file from SD card". Navigate to it by pressing volume up or volume down key and then press the home button.
    4. You can see the zip file now. Select it using home button. It will install the Google apps. You will get a message called success.
    5. Then press 'Go Back' and 'Reboot to Phone' option in recovery mode.
    6. This will surely install all Google apps in your phone.

  • To solve the Android OS issues.

    You should not try to solve the issue at home because it can cause a serious damage to your smartphone.

    So, to solve the Android OS issues you should go to the brand service center and if not possible then go to any smartphone shop which may also repair the smartphone.

  • if you see the message like google play store or play sevice or any other applicaion stop working then it might be the problem of excessive ram usage or Enough ram is not available too allow working the google play store run in background.Soluation for above problem is:

    Method 1

    1.Go to settings

    2.Enable the developer option via hitting the 7 times on build no option

    3. go to developer option in the settings

    4.Go to background process limit and change it to "1 process at most"

    5.Force stop the all running application which is not useful

    6. Restart the device



    Make sure google play service is updated with the latest version at the same time Google play store is also running in the background

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