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  • Which company's Air Conditioners are best to buy?

    Want to know some of the best air conditioners for your need? Then read this ask expert thread to know which company or brand is the best for your need and how are they rated in terms of service and maintenance.

    I am going to buy an Air Conditioner this summer. I want to buy a best AC for my requirements. The budget should be around Rs. 20000-25000 budget. Which company is best for this deal? Which company is best in terms of service and maintenance point of view?
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  • Before suggesting any particular AC, I would like list out the points to be taken care of before selecting an AC -
    This depends on the floor area to be covered. What is a normal calculation followed is for an area of 120-140 Sq.ft you need a 1 ton, for 140- 180 Sq. ft, it will be 1.5 ton and for an area of 180-240 Sq. ft you will need an AC of 2 ton capacity.
    Energy efficiency
    Pay attention to EER ratings provided by BEE. A model with more stars will consume less energy.
    Type of AC
    Decide on whether you want a Windows AC or Split AC. Windows ACs are cheaper . But split ACs, though costlier , are more modern in looks and quieter in operation .
    Better features and more star rating will mean higher price. An increase of one star will see an increase of around Rs.2500 in price.
    Cooling speed
    Ensure that the AC you select has an adjustable thermostat. It should preferably have at least two cooling speeds.
    After sales service
    Choose a brand with better service facilities at your location. Since ACs require constant servicing to be able to give trouble free operation, after sales service must be the most important point to be considered.

    Now having said that rather than giving you a list of my favourites , I prefer to offer you a link to compare the best ACs in terms of better star ratings. I am forced to give you the link because the term " best" is relative and also since I don't exactly know the capacity of the AC you are looking for. So here is the link -

    Please note that this list is based solely on EER ratings from BEE. Consider other points as pointed above before choosing the best one for you.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • My suggestion is Onida S123TRD1 Ton 3 Star Split AC which is far better than any other AC. I am using this product since last one month. Excellent features. Its price range is around Rs 23,000,loads of features and simple looks:

    Type of Split -Wall Mounted
    Number of Indoor Units -1
    Capacity (Ton) -1
    Cooling -3516
    BEE Star Rating -3

    Number of Compressors -1
    Compressor Type -Rotary

    Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) -3.29
    Moisture Removal (Ltrs/Hr) -1.2
    Air Circulation (High) (M3/Hr) -370 (CFM)

    Power Requirement
    Total Power Consumption (Watts) -1070
    Power Supply (Volt/Phase/Hz) -230 / 1 / 50

    General Features
    Auto Restart
    Sleep Mode
    Remote Control
    Air Swing

    Dimensions (Indoor)
    Dimensions (W x D x H) -848 x 180 x 275 mm
    Weight (Indoor) (Kg) -9

    Dimensions (Outdoor)
    Dimensions (W x D x H) -848 x 320 x 540 mm
    Weight (Outdoor) (Kg) -32.5

    After Sales Service
    Warranty Period -1 Year

    And I really Happy and Satisfied with Onida. I noticed that even Ashtama patient can sleep in this AC without any problem. I also have Panasonic Air Conditioner but in that ac my aunt and ashtama patient was unable to sleep. I Personally love this Air Conditioner.

  • If you are thinking to buy an AC this summer then you should take care of the following things:-

    1. While buying an AC you should always see the capacity of an AC. If you are having a small room then you should chose the AC whose capacity is also small.

    2. Second thing that you should keep in your mind while buying an AC is the star rating of an AC. You should buy the AC whose star rating is maximum.

    3. Third important thing that you should always take care that if your house is small then you should chose the window AC and if your house is big then you should chose the split AC

    4. Fourth thing that which is very important is that you should always see what company is providing you.It means that you should chose the company which is providing more guarantee,warranty.Which provide more services to your AC.

    Now, coming back on the question which company AC are the best. Information about some of the best companies are given below:-

    L.G. (Life's Good):
    This brand is among the top 5 brands in India. It offers a broad range of ACs which cater to specific needs of Indian consumers.

    Capacity (Ton Range): LG AC's have capacity from 0.75 T to 2.0 T.
    Star Rating:The rating which are available in LG AC's are 1,2,3&5.
    Split/Window: It has both AC's available in this company.
    Features:It comes with features like Dual protection filter, E-Saver, ON/OFF timer, 4-way air deflection, sleep mode and night glow remote button.
    Warranty:LG offers 5 year parts and labor warranty
    Price:Price range starting from Rs 19990 to Rs 36000 for window AC) and INR 22490 - INR77990 (Split AC).

    Videocon is also one of the oldest and till now preferred AC brand among consumers. It offers a whole range of air conditioners that are suitable for various domestic and office environments.

    Capacity (Ton Range):It has the capacity of 1 T,1.5 T, & 2 T.
    Star Rating:The AC's of this company are available in the ratings of 2, 3 & 5.
    Split/Window:Videocon AC are available in both split & Windows.
    Features:This company AC's has the features like Vitamin C Filter, Gold Fin Evaporator, Full IMD & Glossy Panel, Adjustable Louvers (6 Levels), Auto Clean.
    Warranty:Videocon Air Conditioners have 12 months warranty on all parts except front grill & plastic parts and, thereafter a 4 year additional warranty on the compressor.
    Price:This company AC starts from Rs 104500 – Rs 67000.

    This brand is famous due to its commercial range in air conditioners.

    Capacity (Ton Range):It has the capacity of 0.75 T,1 T,1.5 T and 1.8 T
    Star Rating:The star rating present in this company are 2,3&5.
    Split/Window:This company AC's are only available in split.
    Features:This company has the features like Deodorizing Filter, Bacteria Filter, Electrostatic Filter, Auto Clean.
    Warranty:This company give warranty of 1 year and 4 Years Additional Warranty on the Compressor
    Price:The AC's of this company are started from Rs 20862 – Rs 62900.

    Samsung air conditioners are known for their faster cooling mechanism and compact design.

    Capacity (Ton Range):Samsung company has the capacity of 1 T,1.5 T & 2 T.
    Star Rating:The AC's of this company has the star rating of 1,2,3.4&5.
    Split/Window:Samsung company AC's are available in both split and window.
    Features:This company has the features like Virus Doctor eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and virus, powerful UTR Plus compressor cools even at 54°C. Happy Hours maintains ideal temperature and airflow for a pleasant daytime sleep.
    Warranty:Samsung Air Conditioner comes with 12 months warranty on all parts except front grill & plastic parts
    Price:The price of the AC's of this company are Rs 20001 – Rs 45000.

    The best AC which I would suggest you in Rs 20,000.00 to Rs 25,000.00 is LG Split Air Conditioner of 1 Ton LSA3CR2A. It is the best AC which I suggest you to buy. You can buy this AC only for Rs 21,890.

  • I am here to suggest you with some of the best companies for buying Air Conditioner as per your question.


    Just for images
    It is known to be one of the best company for Air Conditioners and it have its own reputation in the market for its product. It has around 7 branches and 30 offices in India. The Air Conditioners by BLUESTAR features cleanable panel, on/off timer, anti-freeze and they give a stunning performance to the users. You can get the Air Conditioner of BLUESTAR with the starting price of INR 22,000 and the price ends at INR 1,05,000. It provide you both split and window AC's.


    Just for images
    It is an another Indian company which comes in the list of the top 10 Air Conditioner selling companies in India. Mostly every one is aware regarding this company as it delivers many other home needs like TV's, Washing Machines and many more. The price tag for its Air Conditioners starts from INR 14,000 and ends at INR 68,000. It also provide you with the both window and split AC's.


    Just for images
    It is also one of the best known company in the electronic fields. It also have popularity for its Air Conditioners as they comes with many great features. It gives a good consumer care facilities and deliver their product with the affordable price range. The price range for its Air Conditioners starts from INR 20,000 and ends at INR 78,000. It also provide you with the both split and window ACs.

    There are many more famous companies for buying Air Conditioners like:

    • HAIER
    • VOLTAS
    • DAIKIN


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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